December 25th, 2006


Best holiday present of all

Saturday presented my first attempt at running in 3 weeks.  For obvious reasons, I was excited but nervous at the same time.  I knew that this would tell me whether or not I could even think I had a chance at running the Houston half just three weeks later.  {For the record, I don't recommend this but I have been keeping a fairly rigorous crosstraining routine and do not plan on racing at all)  In any case, I headed to the gym armed with my running shoes for the first time in 3 weeks and ready to take on the treadmill.  It was funny to think that I actually longed for the treadmill instead of the usual distaste!  I did it!  And no pain to be found after either.  I was able to do "intervals" as a certain friend called it which amounted to a solid 20 minutes of running with a couple short walking breaks to regroup.  This was followed up by a solid 1 hour 45 minute crosstraining session the day after.  Houston: GAME ON! Plan for this week? I hope to run tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday.  I'm baaaaaack!

This weekend has been just what the doctor ordered.  Friday I felt like my head was going to fall on my desk because I was so tired.  Christmas weekend has been the sleeping weekend for me. I also spent two days at the American Natural History Museum. Today I had Christmas brunch at a local restaurant, Cafe D'Alsace. Not to worry I did my Chinese food + movies routine last night.  It is a Jewish Christmas tradition!

Oh and it looks like it also has managed to help put together a vacation plan for the end of April/early May.  More to come but it seems I'm going the opposite direction than originally planned.  Not a problem with me! Oh and not to worry as running will be involved.  What would a vacation be without it? ;-)  Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays!