June 8th, 2008


18 weeks

Just 18 weeks til I give 26.2 a run for its money again.  18 short weeks which will contain runs of joy, pain, and everything in between.  We shall see where it leads but one can only hope mother nature is a bit more cooperative than this weekend.  94 yesterday, 95 today. See the graph below and you'll see the fun times NYC is having right now:

Seeing that the weather was less than ideal for racing, I "wussed" out of the mini 10k (aka race from hell) this year and did 5.25 miles with the team instead.  I forgot how rough it is to run in the three terrible "H's": Hazy, Hot and Humid (actually very similar conditions to last October 7).  It just zaps any energy you have and my face turns the color of a lobster.  No, not from sunburn but from the rigorous activity.  Not to worry though, no heatwave will stop me!  I stayed to watch the women running the 10K.  Saw a bunch of TRD teammates as well as flygirl (haha, yes I was smart to stay out of this one and cheer!) and 'chelle (looked way too happy given the weather!).  The times showed the weather as the elite women were even off their usual speedy selves.  Crazy to think a 32:30 10K is "off" pace...

Today I headed up to Rockefeller State Park with 3 others for a longish run.  Talk about survival of the fittest.  This was one tough run as within a mile it just felt really hard.  Yes, it's hilly and hard to run there but worse than usual.  The max ascent was 300 feet!  That definitely gets the heart pumping.  In total I got 7.99 miles in which is right on the money.  We also saw pheasants, turtles, vultures and pigs while running the trails. 

Total mileage: 34.7 miles for the week.  I'm ready for the Pfitzinger plan to begin.  Week 1 calls for 32 miles.  I think I'm going to wait til Tuesday morning to start and go for x-training tomorrow...my body needs a break from this heat!
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