October 31st, 2009


Post Marathon+recovery

As I reflect back on Sunday, I have no regrets. For whatever reason, I was supposed to run a 3:41 on October 25, 2009. The sting of being oh-so-close is diminshing by the day. I know I'm capable of a sub 340 now. I may have thought I could before but now I know.

I've had people asking if I plan another fall marathon to try to grab that 8 seconds. Quick answer: no. I want to take time to heal up, enjoy some other aspects of life and get ready to tackle 2010. I'll be honest - I did write the BAA but received no response. That's totally fine - the more I think about it, I hope it's like that for every time that's close. There has to be a cutoff and for me to be there when others were oh-so-close isn't fair either. I just believe in karma and we all know what comes around...

Anyway beyond that, this race brought back the magic I felt in 2005-2006 where many of my personal records tumbled. I'm looking forward to winter biking, running and keeping my body in shape until training for...NJ 2010!! Yep, that's the plan.

I'm also thinking about a destination half marathon this winter. Maybe Miami again? Or arizona? Hmmm

For now, I have not run since Sunday to give my legs time to heal up. They were tremendously sore monday and tuesday. Feeling a lot better now and plan to head out for run #1 today.

NYC Marathon is this weekend and with one more qualifier I am in for 2010. Pretty darn exciting! I haven't run a marathon on my home turf since before I became a true new yorker.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. It truly touched me to read all the comments. If it even inspires one person, then it's totally served its purpose.

Good luck NYCMers! Can't wait to join y'all next November!

And before I sign off and head out for a run, let's go Phillies!!! :-)
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