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Bridges Runner

Taper: Take 2

Taper: Take 2

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So here I am - one week from giving 26.2 another shot.

I've had an 18 miler and 15 miler, finishing with a wind blown 8 miler today.  Thrown in a couple quicker runs mid week.  Watched the Phillies win the World Series then had my balloon sizzle as Penn State pulled a stinker in Iowa.  Participated in an election that thankfully lacked hanging chads.  Ya know, the usual.

So now what?  I guess it'll just have to be what it'll be.  I'm going to go out there and give it a shot - and hope for the best this time.  At least the weather is much more favorable than Florida Chicago heat.  Now that we're under a week to go it's time to bring on the weather report!

Nov 23                                                

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy


Motown Philly back again...:)  I'm ready, are you?

  • Fellow Philly-er

    I'm obsessing about the weather too! Did you see that there are 'snow' showers now predicted for the day before AND after? hmmm...

    good luck on sunday, maybe i'll see you at the expo/start line.

    Yvonne (speedyscot.blogspot.com)
  • PS

    Did you receive an email confirmation from the marathon folks yet? I didn't...
  • Philly M

    Good Luck!
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