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ahh the joys of LJ...

So while my roommate is at work I find out that vagabondknight is able to spare an LJ code (yay thanks again!)...and this is our conversation regarding the magical world of LJ....

EBG818: hey you want an LJ code?
rittermustdie: um, ok!
rittermustdie: what do i do?
EBG818: well my friend is gonna give me one,....as long as you'll write and such:-)
EBG818: if you get one just go to livejournal.com and sign up....it'll ask for the code
EBG818: then once you sign up you can write and be random!
rittermustdie: cool! yay!
EBG818: so yes?
rittermustdie: yeah!
rittermustdie: whooo! thanks :-)
EBG818: i posted that to my friend:-)
EBG818: hang on and you can sign up there if you'd like:-)
rittermustdie: ok, sounds good
EBG818: yay! amy randomness
EBG818: then you can get one invitation code after a week
EBG818: and someone else can sign up
EBG818: that's how it got so popular i think
rittermustdie: oh ok, cool yo!
EBG818: and the code...
EBG818: *drum roll please*
rittermustdie: *drrrrrrr*
EBG818: "code here"
rittermustdie: bless you
EBG818: :-)
EBG818: i'm glad you're excited8-)
EBG818: i get to add another friend
EBG818: *jumps up and down*
rittermustdie: just signed up!
EBG818: yay
rittermustdie: i'll get it set up when i'm home
EBG818: !!!!
EBG818: what's your username
rittermustdie: kenkomachi
EBG818: haha nice
rittermustdie: yeah, i figured that's the one i've been using since pre-freshman year
EBG818: true
EBG818: yeah aol!
EBG818: you'll be my friend on LJ:-)
rittermustdie: cool! i'll list you too
rittermustdie: who else has one?
EBG818: michelle
EBG818: but she hasn't updated in a while
EBG818: i gotta get on her case:-)
EBG818: we can send it through our friends now that you have a code
EBG818: give it to someone that write
EBG818: yay fun journal entries
EBG818: hehe
rittermustdie: hopefully i can think of fun ones!
EBG818: ok you're my friend:-)
rittermustdie: i feel all nervous and uninspired now >_<
rittermustdie: wow! really? you're my friend too
EBG818: hehe on LJ:-P maybe in real life too:-)
EBG818: ahh don't worry i talked about the hail
rittermustdie: i feel so cool now
EBG818: hehe
EBG818: oh you are
EBG818: ;-)
rittermustdie: lol. :-)
EBG818: ok this is an LJ entry right here...cause it's so cute:-)
rittermustdie: whoohoo!
rittermustdie: *livejournal dance*
EBG818: haha
rittermustdie: doing my profile now
EBG818: yay!

Yay! Welcome kenkomachi to the magical world of LJ...looking forward to some randomness...don't worry you won't be graded on this!

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