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Bridges Runner

Race for the Hardcore - 10 Mile Relay

Race for the Hardcore - 10 Mile Relay

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So I missed a couple months here.  It's been a little hectic with the job, life, etc.  Don't worry I haven't forgotten and things have occurred.

Anyway, today was the Cherry Tree Race for the Hardcore - 10 mile relay.  This is my FIFTH year running this race.  Wow.  Seriously has it been that long already?  Yep, Team Whippet, Speedy Beagles x 2, Will Run for Eggs and Cheese and finally - The Gossip Girls this year.  I teamed up with Mandy and nyflygirl as we looked to have a good time.  And that we did!

We met up at 8:30am on the UES to head to Brooklyn.  All of us were excited for the race and the chance to leave the confines of Central Park. On the train the order was decided: Mandy, myself, nyflygirl to anchor.  The weather held up which made it much more pleasing.

So the race?  Oy, HARD.  I always forget how long 3.3 miles can feel in Prospect Park.  That mile 2 is a killer - not so much the monstrosity of the hills but the way it just continues.  I didn't wear a watch so I have no splits but I ran til it hurt.  So I suppose that's good?

After the race, I headed with Mandy to a neighborhood in Brooklyn to go to some open houses.  Let's just say I loved the neighborhood I went to;)  The prospect of becoming a first time home owner?  Exciting, yet frightening.  TBD.
  • Update

    I was wondering what was up with you??? Thanks for the update... we never got to meet during your SoCal visit... sorry that SC was just too darn good :-]

    Didn't you run a half last month?

    I am expected to rub NYC09, and this time I am expecting a black-and-white cookie :-)
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