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A new world ahead?

So yes, as mentioned in the comments, I did run a half in January.  The half?  Personal worst but personal best as far as vacationing in South Beach:)  Considering I had exactly one long run before the run and had averaged an awesome 10 miles a week.  I'm pretty impressed:-p

Running has definitely taken a back seat with the impending events to come in the next few months.  As mentioned in the last post, I'm in the middle of the housing search.  Things have heated up to say the least and I'm still in love with the neighborhood I found a couple weeks ago.  I'm visiting a few places a second time tomorrow with an agent.  Is this real?!

I find myself wondering how it's possible to be where I am but hey, we have one life to live.  Go for it.

I'm not ready to reveal to the world the possible new 'hood due to my superstitions about everything.  I would hate for something to happen to cause this to not happen.  However, let me just say, I will have to change the name of my blog if I choose this destination;-)

Tags: house hunting, running
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