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Out with the old

Well, the end of part one in NYC is near.  I'm moving on out of the UES in a couple weeks for a whole new world: Brooklyn.  It's weird.  It doesn't seem true but I'm sure when I get to the closing table and sign my life away, oh, how real it will be!  6 years, 6 very good years here.  As much as I say how excited I am to leave the UES, it really has treated me well.

It introduced me to NY.  It introduced me to Central Park and of course, running.  I still remember my first encounter with Central Park.  I walked over on a gorgeous, sunny day and wandered around.  Quickly the clouds started to gather and I attempted to find my way out to the east side.  Needless to say, I learned navigating the interiors of CP was not easy that day.  I ended up drenched by the time I found the confines of home.  Somehow, it made me smile. 

Central Park introduced me to running.  I remember meeting my first running partner back in March '04.  It was a freezing cold night and we were bundled up.  I could hardly recognize her and nor, could she recognize me.  We ran the equivalent of the Harlem Hills loop and called it quits.  It was hard!  Who knew that just a small 6 months later I'd be finishing the NYC Marathon?

After my first running partner got pregnant, I hit a void and fortunately found The Reservoir Dogs.  They've been a savior and I can't say enough of how thankful I am to find them.  It's been a huge part of my life and will continue to be even when I move across the East River.

NY has given me a run for its money.  We've had our fights and I've almost walked out on her a few times.  However, we made amends and here I stand today.  Just a few short weeks from becoming a true New Yorker (err Brooklynite!).  I will no longer refer to myself as a quasi-NYer or be embarrassed about it.  I am a New Yorker and if you got a problem with that, well, tough.  You're just jealous! ;-)

I guess I'm getting a bit sad about leaving my first stomping grounds but you better believe that there are so many more good times ahead.   Brooklyn?  You ready for me????
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