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So much for smooth and easy.

So I had been planning out the whole move.  I'd pack a couple hours each night and make it less painful.  Man, I should have known from the previous couple months NOTHING will go as planned.  Yesterday afternoon, as I was getting excited about the impending move to the new pad, I got a panicked call from my movers.  Enter stress.

Movers: "Your management company said you can't move out Monday at 1pm.  You have to be out at 11."
Me: "OK, let me speak with them and see what I can do."
Movers: "Yeah, they tried to go into detail and we're unsympathetic to your situation."
Me: "OK, thanks for letting me know.  I'll give them a call."

Management call
Me: "Hi, would it be possible for me to move out at 1.  I'm closing at the same time and need that time to be able to coordinate my move."
Management: "No!  Absolutely not.  We were nice enough to give you the morning to move out. We have someone moving in at 2PM and she's pregnant.  I'll allow you to move out by 12:30 but if anything is in there at that time I will back charge you the two months rent"
Me: "Anything at all?  Would it be possible to let me move out Sunday and I'll just store my stuff on a move truck.
Management: "No.  The super is off and he needs to be present.  And he shouldn't be inconvenienced.  However, you can call and ask him but I will call and tell him he doesn't have to do it."  (thoughts: they will tell him to not do it)
Me: "OK, thanks.  Otherwise I have to pay a small fortune to keep it stored over the weekend and would really appreciate it."
Management: "You're not being very nice and supportive of my measures to go out of my way for you." (thoughts: uh oh)
Me: OK, let me see what I can do and I'll get back to you.  Bye

I proceeded to call the movers and am now moving out tomorrow morning at 9am.  I love the fact that the movers called me and not the management people.  Anyone else find that interesting?  I get to pay a small fortune to store my stuff over the weekend but at least I'll be done.  Big picture.  I'm moving to Brooklyn on Monday! YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Next 24 hours?  Going to not be so fun but que sera.  Monday afternoon it will all be a bad dream:)
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