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Bridges Runner

Amazing. Just like that I'm a home owner. What a process - seems…

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Amazing. Just like that I'm a home owner. What a process - seems like a dream. I closed and moved in Monday after the ordeal described last week with the old management company.

I love everything so far! The space is great and the building staff has been oh so helpful. The subway is practically in my building!!

I woke up the first morning and took a run over the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun rose. Talk about living in a dream world!

I guess for me this is an ending and beginning at the same time. My old apartment of six years marked my arrival to new york and getting my feet wet in the big apple. Now that I own a piece of the big apple I'm very excited to see what the next phase brings.

For one, I'm more than ecstatic to get my life back. Perhaps I can finally start running with consistency again?!

Come on people - I need to rename the blog. Suggestions???
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  • Congrats!!! ...on the new pad...

    How about "Brooklyn Run_Two_Three"??? Never mind 8-D
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