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Bridges Runner

Dreams do come true

Dreams do come true

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The past week has been a bit of a blur. Last Monday I was waking up and getting ready to become a BK girl. Now, I'm starting to settle in and getting a feel for what's to come.

Not too much though since I was off to Connecticut for a friend's wedding. It was pretty much a fairy tale wedding held in her backyard. The background was trees and mountains. Oh, her parents grow Christmas trees so there's small trees cascading down a hill (talk about great sledding!). The wedding itself was nice.

Running? Crap. I have to start training in 2 weeks or so for a marathon??? Eek. I got to start getting back in the game and I will. With the new 'hood, new everything it'll feel good to go back to an old trusted friend: running. I've enjoyed running over the bridges especially as the sun rises or sets. I still get goose bumps. I love this city!!!
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  • (Anonymous)
    Hi - Where in BK did you move to? I live down by Coney Island boardwalk!!!

    Good luck in your upcoming marathon training!!!

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