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So marathon training is moving onward. This one has been harder than all of my previous ones. I think it is the whole thing of life happening. However, I finally feel like things are starting to click. I'm settled in my new place (hooray for no more house stress) and the sun remembered it is summer!

Last week I incorporated a 9 miler from work to home. It's actually a gorgeous route with the water views and of course the BK Bridge. I felt really good which was encouraging. My runs have just been fair really since Philly.

Friday I brought in the crosstraining. I biked to and from work. I forgot how tough it is on your muscles when you're not used to it! It was a good workout but I need to remember food for when I get to work. I was famished - and a small granola bar doesn't cut it!

Saturday was an off day so I could prep for my housewarming. That was an exercise in itself - started at 8am and didn't stop til cleanup at 1am!

Sunday was long run day. Now that I'm a BK girl I need to be wise with my runs and incorporate Manhattan activities. I signed up for the deal so kill two birds with one stone! I ran from Brooklyn to the Boat Basin up on west 79th. It felt good and I am still in shock I could run at 11am in the middle of July! Run totaled between 13-14 miles. Not bad!

This week will be a lot of morning workouts with all the post work activities. Crazy!

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