Uptown Girl (lispsugrl) wrote,
Uptown Girl

Keep on movin'

Well now that I've got a nifty new route home I've been taking full advantage of it! It looks like Wednesday will turn into my run home from work day (at least in the summer). Last night was another perfect summer evening.

After a pressing day at work, nothing beats hitting the roads. Nothing. The first couple of miles are always rough and the doubts creep in. You know the ones - oh I'll just take the subway the rest of the way. Well, the great part of my run is that the best part of the run is part 2 - battery park city, statue of liberty, bridges and seeing home. That's when my thoughts engulfed in how happy I am to be in NYC and how beautiful everything is! And what could be bad about ending with a jog across the Brooklyn Bridge. Ok, that can be a bit annoying with tourists - but wow to the views!

The run itself: I've returned to pacemaster. Within 4 seconds of my pace last week!

What's on tap? 4 mile race Saturday and long run Sunday. I feel like I'm just finally getting into this. It's a long road so I'm fine with it - perhaps my peak will be Oct 25?
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