Uptown Girl (lispsugrl) wrote,
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Checking in...

So here I am less than 7 weeks from the big day. Hard to believe really. Training this year has been very different than last year as I am definitely taking a much more relaxed route. For one, I have not logged any runs on a website. Sure I've worn a watch but I couldn't tell you how many miles I ran last month. I actually feel great about it - much more relaxed about it all.

I've gone to 2005 mode. What's that you may ask? Cross-training, cross-training and when in doubt more cross-training. It's kept me fresh and excited about training. Last year I burnt out and refuse to let running do that to me. I love to run!

I've been biking and running to work 3x a week which is amazing! I love that my work is so green friendly. The biking definitely has worked different muscle groups and has improved my running. I started speed work again with Nike downtown and was able to hold a sub 7 pace on the track.

It's got me excited to race again. Honestly, it's the first time in a while that it's felt damn good to be out there again.

Tonight I banged out 11ish with a friend at my hopefully MP. It felt awesome and it was hilly after conquering the Berkshires yesterday.

First 20 on Sunday but after 2 or 3 18s I'm feeling good about it. I've got a 4 mile race Saturday, PDR half the following Sunday, Cow Harbor 10k the 26th and Gretes half on the 3rd! Busy stuff!
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