Uptown Girl (lispsugrl) wrote,
Uptown Girl

Exhaustion recovery

I suppose it's a blessing in disguise. Staying up late for the baseball games has made waking up for a morning workout essentially impossible. But that's a-ok! My body needs the recovery and I'll get back on it.

Because...I've signed up for my first triathlon! Yes, you heard right. This girl - the one that barely rode her bike before this summer and swimming - what's a bathing suit - won't even go there:-p it's an exciting challenge and a way to shake things up. My training seems to do best when there's a kink in it. :) oh, sprint philly tri by the way at the end of june.

Other than that, I've run once since MCM with today being #2. Life has been busy between the World Series, catching up with friends and the marathon - not much time to breathe.

You can tell how busy - I'm blogging from my blackberry!

So I'll end with: Let's Go Phillies!!
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