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Bridges Runner

What will I be doing April 19, 2010?

What will I be doing April 19, 2010?

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Third Monday in April. There's a little race I've been striving for. It's kind of a big deal - they make you run a speedy marathon time for the privilege to run the BOSTON MARATHON!!!

That's right - I checked today and on the list there I was! Finally. 5 years ago the journey started with NY without any clue of how addicted I would become to the NY running scene.

Yet here I am. Less than 6 months from toeing the line in Boston. Wow. So cool! If I was an emotional wreck seeing myself as an entry in Boston, look out for when I cross that finish line. Amazing.

So next year looks to be a super exciting year. Boston, my first tri, pikes peak marathon, and new york. What an awesome agenda - for now I'm giving my body a much needed break before I ramp up the quality mileage again! If it ain't broke...

Ok back to cloud 9!
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  • I'd be all teary if I saw that I was going to get to run the Boston Marathon too. Congratulations!
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