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Meet you at the park...

This past week I had the pleasure of attending not one, but two tweet-ups! And as it should be, running was the occasion.

Tuesday night I literally ran out of work to join the run. I met up with a few others that needed to stash their stuff at the local NYSC. I got my speed work in literally sprinting from the subway to the NYSC to the lockers. It probably was pretty clear how flustered I was at that point.

We met up with the others at Bethesda Fountain. @pigtailsflying @runanskyrun @SpeedySasquatch  @NYCe @agaliza @lady_southpaw @bklynrunner @sclevine @MikeJOConnor. It was nice to put names to a face:)

My friend AU wanted to run so I invited her. Unfortunately she wanted to make it a tempo run and off we went. I felt bad because I wanted to run with everyone. So let me apologize for that - I was annoyed but believe me next time I'll be there on my own accord. I have no clue what pace I ran because once again I didn't run with a watch (has been a habit lately). I'm pretty certain by the end we were well under 8s. Oh well, it was gorgeous and yet another time to feel blessed living here.

Wednesday morning was tweet-up #2 of the week with @pigtailsflying @worldrunner @carlablumenthal. It was a gorgeous morning and unusually warm for early December. It was fun to play tour guide and share my amazing views on a bridges run over the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. I even threw in my Ace: the promenade! It still isn't old to me. The morning run is exciting to me: you can feel the energy of the city waking up. A great group of ladies and I hope to run this winter with them. For one, it will keep me from becoming lazy!

Finally - I need a new name for my blog now that I am no longer an Uptown Girl.  Currently accepting nominations and will put this up for a vote but of course I have the final vote;-)  Democracy to a point, people!  So far I've had: Boston Bound Girl, Borough Babe, Bridges Runner...

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