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Yay summer!

I've come to the conclusion that summer rocks when there is freedom to be had. This summer absolutely rocks!! I mean...it's everything I could ask for. I've got the freedom thing down, no classes (woohoo), and up here at State College. It's definitely the best summer I've had since...well...two summers ago when I was a pre-frosh taking English 15 and Sp Comm 100 (ahh to go back and be a silly freshman). Finally a summer of no classes, tests/exams....just working 25 hours a week (not 50 or something like I had been the past few years) and doing whatever I damn well please. I am also loving the fact that I can wear shorts and a tee shirt to work and not be stuck in a cubicle that makes you want to jump out a freaking window. Cubicles suck! You think they are cool one day...but guaranteed by the end of the week you want to take the drill and knock the walls down like in Office Space. Man that movie is so true to cubicle life and work in general. "Today is the worst day of my life." Is that what it is going to be like after I graduate? I really hope not. I want fun time and play time:-) Anyway, the point comes to the fact that two months of freedom have passed already....less than 2 till it's back to stupid classes. I wish I would have realized how nice not having summer class is...not to mention non 40 hour weeks was earlier!!! Although the benefit of that is not having class mwf in the fall and the money thing was nice with 40 hr weeks...ahhh!!!! So in essence I suppose I'd better enjoy the next year because it probably doesn't get any better. Not that work will be the worst thing ever...it just won't be as random and fun. So for now....I'm gonna go back to my summer time fun....maybe check out some Velveeta this weekend at the Crowbar or Saloon.

Who's up for some World Cup Soccer on Sunday??? We can go to Champs....opens at 6:30am for breakfast buffet:)

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