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A year of change

2009.  It’s definitely been a year of change on many fronts.  For me, ultimately these changes made for the better.  And I am very thankful for that.  This year is defined by 2 six month periods.  The first half was completely focused on life changing events and the second on getting my run on!  I guess I found out what you’re capable when dealt challenges.  I’m pretty certain it would have psyched me out.  Looking back, it’s neat to realize just how much was accomplished.


So what happened?  Let’s see: I got promoted at work, dealt with the process that is buying an apartment in NYC (that is an experience), lost and found my motivation for running…  It doesn’t seem like much but it definitely was a doozy of a year.


First 6 months.  I had NO motivation to run.  I was burnt out from running 2 marathons in 6 weeks and my apartment situation wasn’t helping.  I had mice which made things a lot more “interesting” in a not a good way.  The most disgusting story?  I woke up one night and heard a rustling noise in my room.  All of a sudden the rustling stopped, I turned on the light and there on my bed staring at me was a mouse!  I’m not certain who was more scared: me or the mouse.  Let’s just say I didn’t sleep the rest of the night knowing a mouse was right there! Eww eww eww.  Over the course of the last 6 months in my UES apartment, I caught 6 mice.  The seventh mouse was petrified under my fridge when I was moving out of my apartment.  What the hell?  They didn’t even pay rent! 


The whole mouse situation made it pretty clear I was moving out of my apartment come the end of the lease.  That’s when I realized with the economy the way it was, I might actually be able to afford to buy my piece of New York City!  Me!  I still think it sounds unbelievably insane to own my own square footage.  This, again, did not help motivation to run.  Every spare second was spent on streeteasy.com, curbed or associated real estate web sites.  I was also spending my weekends wandering around different neighborhoods, checking out the difference between an alcove and a studio, and would something happen to me by moving across the “great” river as one of my coworkers astutely calls it.  I scoured neighborhoods in Manhattan, Queens and finally, one fateful day, found my home ‘hood. The story?  Pretty simple.  One freezing cold day in February I had a race in Prospect Park.  The Cherry Tree Relay (highly recommend).  For whatever reason, I decided it was the day to check out Brooklyn.  I had heard fantastic things about the Heights.  So why not give it a go post run?  So after a slowish 3.3 miles as part of the Gossip Girls Relay team I headed out armed with an open house schedule.  Keep in mind, I’m dressed in running tights!  I still remember the feeling walking out of the subway.  It was magical.  I knew I had found my neighborhood!  Something spoke to me.  The neighborhood was sleepy but had a lovely vibrant feel to it.  It made me question If I was in Brooklyn or somewhere outside the city.  I definitely did not feel that on the UES.  It wasn’t near Central Park but sometimes you have to look at a bigger picture.  Oddly enough, long story short, I looked at 20+ places in the neighborhood and ended up buying the first place I looked at!  Got to love living directly above a subway ::grin.:: 

I had thought finding a place would be the hard part, but boy was I wrong.  Evidently that’s the EASY part.  The next part deals with lawyers, brokers, co-op boards, etc.  And at the end of the day, they only have one thing in mind: your money.  However, the good part of being a buyer is you are wearing rosey colored glasses and the thought of having a place blinds you from that fact.  It does not blind the work part.  This process seriously became a second full-time job between March and June.  I’d come home from work and spend time collecting papers for the Board Package or reading papers for the mortgage.  Isn’t this meant for grownups????  I’m not one of those! Ha!


Eventually, through the many hoops, obstacles, highs, lows I made it to Brooklyn.  I crossed the great water one last time as a “Manhattanite.”  I bid adieu to the first chapter of NYC life and was ready to face the second chapter:  homeowner and Brooklynite.  A new attitude and that’s where the second six months fit in.


Arriving to my new neighborhood gave me a feeling of giddiness on a daily basis which had been lacking for some time.  This gave me a new pep to my step for life and yes, my running.  Marine Corps Marathon training took shape as did a new running routine and outlook on life.  I began to tackle the wonders of Brooklyn by foot and bike.  It gave me a feeling of freedom, relief and ultimately come October, a marathon that will bring me Boston 2010. 


2009 brought a new set of people in my life.  I’ve learned that some people are meant to stay in your life and some fade away.  It’s not a bad thing it’s just part of life.  I’ve learned that so many things in your professional life are experiences that occur in other aspects in life.


As I reflect back on 2009, I see a lot was accomplished and changes of course.  Like anything there’s always work to be done.  I’m looking forward to continue to tackle those goals as we enter the ‘10’s’.  Exciting.  A new year brings hope and the excitement of what’s to come.  I like to keep my glass half full – how about you? 

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