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Life is a marathon

The other day I signed up to give my ice breaker speech for my Toastmaster's club. This made me ponder: what do I say about myself? How do I theme it? While running is a big part of my life, there's many other things that make me, ME! Naturally, while on the subway home from a run it came to me. Compare life to a marathon. I never thought about it before but it's true. In many respects it may be part of why we (or at least I) run. We want to experience life - and in the marathon's case - within a few hours!

Still unconvinced? How about this? In a marathon, how do you feel at the beginning? Middle? 3/4? End? I bet there are experiences to match up with it!

For me, I compare the end of a marathon to achieving any goal in life, there's always more to accomplish. I'm never completely satisfied. I want to find the next thing to conquer! Biggest finish line for me recently? Signing the dotted line for my new apartment. Satisfaction overload!

The beginning? That could also be compared to many things. For one, in life as a whole, being born! It's new, fresh and exciting. Not so much for me but I'm pretty sure my parents were! And a few others in the family.

First few miles you're pretty happy and excited about the race. This reminds me of my first day of work or school. It's new. Fresh. Exciting.

Once the jovial couple miles are over, you settle in to a rhythm. Life is like that too. We tend to get into a comfort zone and start coasting. I would say this relates to me

The wall. Oh, the wall. That's where you earn your stripes in 26.2. It's also as a person where we tend to learn just how capable we are to overcome obstacles. I'm amazed that almost 7 years ago I left the comforts of Pennsylvania and moved to the big apple. I moved here straight from college and knew not a single person but my roommate! Talk about a challenge. I didn't know what the UES was let alone where it was located. Brooklyn was a foreign country as far as I knew (ha!). Little did I know it would become the best choice I could have made.

Challenge 2? I played the trumpet in band in high school. Ok, cut the "and this one time in band camp" crap. Anyway, I enjoyed playing the trumpet but marching and playing was not a strong suit. I was fortunate enough to have a upperclassman work with me for that first season.

Miles 23-25. Pain. Oh the pain. I've never broken a bone but have had some really painful experiences. My foot has been run over by a car (my mom - oops!). The old slam the finger in a door. Or playing catcher being run over by a player twice my size!

Just a few of the items being tossed around in my head. Now I need to make it coherent enough for someone to listen to me speak:-)
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