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Bridges Runner



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This weekend I jumped a plane to head to Orlando for a class for work to learn about wireless stuff. Oh the joys. However, this got me thinking.

Why haven't I just jumped a plane to go somewhere before? Sure I've done my own thing to Europe (stayed with a friend but mostly toured myself) but never a bonefide escape for me.

Hmmm. I think that will need to change. Where to folks?
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  • Go to Costa Rica and go running in the middle of all the stunning scenery!
  • jumping planes

    i just started doing the same thing after i jumped a plane to my mom's in tampa, then ran the Disney Marathon as it coincided. (i kinda timed it , not gonna lie)
    so my new thing is picking a place to visit with a race. that would be my suggestion to you.
    ireland has an amazing marathon called the connemarathon.

    i blog too,
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