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A weekend of 80s cheese, World Cup madness, and brain hurting movie!

So weekends rock! It was an awesome all around weekend. Friday night consisted of movie watching and cake making....see kenkomachi for a look at our night of fun. First off, Saturday was pretty much a vegetable day. I woke up after 11 am....and the day consisted of mostly figuring out how to network our computers together...who knew it could be such a process. I remember with win 98 it was basically *poof* you could browse people's files that they shared. Heck, that is how I got started on my mp3 binge (all legal mind you...I would *never* have anything I don't own;-)). Anyway, for those that have XP and have this really big thing of networking two computers together so you can share with each other....then here is how it works. You need to install NetBUI....its one of the services...that will allow you to share stuff. That's the abbreviated version...check online for the files and such you need. Anyways so now Amy and I can go nuts with files and such:-D weeeeeeee....being a nerd can be a good thing I think...at least in this case. So yeah after figuring that out, I finally took a shower,...after 4 mind you...:) The perfect way to spend a Saturday...the only way it should be. Another great part of my Saturday was the fact that it involved absolutely no cooking. I mean I hold no grudges against cooking but when someone else makes a fantastic meal who am I to say no to that? Yeah I thought so too:) So Michelle made a stew and some biscuits....I brought over some of the mysterious strawberry ghetto UFO cake. The meal was fantastic:) Mad props to Chef Michelle....I'll come over anytime you make that:)

So the night belonged to 80s cheese....long live Velveeta! First I had to change into a tank top because I didn't feel like roasting at the crowbar. For Velveeta, John (the bassist), it was his last night with the band. So that brought out all the classic 80s cheese hits....tons of fun! Michelle and I cut back on the drinking so we actually enjoyed all the songs and remember them:P Not to say we don't remember stuff....but I think that was the first time we were sober for the whole thing. heh. Guess summer means not worrying about stuff so don't really need to forget stuff? OK...that sounds really bad...I'm not an alcoholic! For those that were starting to point the finger at me! Anyway, they played all their classics...like "Talk Dirty to Me" and "Jesse's Girl"...as well as having former band members come up. Check out their web site...HERE!. I also got a free key chain with a bottle opener from Michelle (one of the rescom managers that also works for qwk rock...not the Michelle I was with:P). Finally, I have one....:) At first we sat upstairs sipping on our rum and cokes...but within 10 mins of Velveeta playing we were downstairs dancing along:) However while upstairs, we had a run in with one of the wonderful "hicks" that live in central PA. I don't mean to make that sound demeaning but it is the type of person that he is. Anyway, apparently he thought Michelle or I was looking at him...or something to that effect. Eww yuck. First off, he was waaay older than us and gross...the song "Cut the Mullet" by Wesley Wills applies to him. Never heard the song? Well it's pretty much as it says CUT THE DAMN MULLET:P haha. Ok...anyway, downstairs we had a ball dancing to the hip sound of the 80s and early 90s. Hey that's my generation of growing up and it's damn fun. Anyway, over one of their set breaks Qwk Rock gave away a guitar and some other goodies....didn't win that in the raffle:( However I was able to snag a CD that they threw out into the crowd. It's the Nevermoure CD...some local band. Ahh well can't argue with free eh? So while downstairs there was this scary big guy that kept looking at Michelle and I....scary! We kept trying to move away and he kept basically following us it seemed:( Besides that a pretty tame evening. No sexual Michelle tonight...haha! So after the second set we left...remember the World Cup is at 7am...must be able to watch that!!!

I came home to a message from Amy that she and her friend Martin were coming home in time for the World Cup final. This made me happy because then I didn't' have to watch alone, not to mention the fact that we'd be going to a breakfast buffet!!! whooooo!! Anyway, Amy walks in the door around 6:20 and by 6:25 we're changed and ready to head to Champs. We get to Champs and find out there's some bs about making a reservation. Ok the sign said NOTHING about reservations....so we stake out a table on the deck and move it right by a TV...the nice kind that hang on the wall...two of them. Also no people walking by these TVs. The game was pretty entertaining...first half had no scoring but some decent opportunities for each side. I really didn't care for either team since the US and England were ousted:( Anyway, the ref was good too...didn't notice him:) A highlight was one of the Brazilian players trying to change his uniform. Apparently he needs help with that....he couldn't get it on...had it on backwards first!!! So anyways the foodage....we finally just got up to get our food at halftime....no potatoes though:( They were still cooking so I just got eggs, french toast and an English muffin. It sufficed:) Brazil ended up winning 2-0....Ronaldo scoring both goals. I have to say he has good sense of when to score...tied Pele for most World Cup goals with 12...not bad! He needs some sense of fashion though...the hair thing in the front has to go. I have no friggin' idea why he did that but it has to be one of the ugliest do's around....well right up there with the mullet anyway:) So we stayed to watch the Brazilians celebrate...however stupid moronic piece of s*&t ABC decides not to show the presentation of the World Cup. WTF?!? Have you ever heard such a thing? So yeah they cut to commercial and there's some old lady in a wheel chair...then they go to a damn church service. WHAT THE HELL? That's like having a video game end with the old lady in a wheel chair as Amy says:P So poopy on American ABC...I'm sure the execs would have been crucified if that was in Brazil...grr. I mean I don't like Brazil but I like to see celebrations...that's what the whole month comes down to. One country getting the credit and bragging rights. I guess the US has a long way to go in that respect with soccer, err I mean football. So that gets me to another rant for another day. Anyway, we left...and Martin wouldn't let Amy nor I pay...what a gentlemen...way too nice!! Thanks again:)

So we get home for more sleepage....another 3 hours. hehe. Then we pop in the Memento DVD. You want a really f'd up and screwy movie that throws one for a loop watch this. The end is shown at the beginning and you work your way backward to the end which is really the beginning. Interesting movie nonetheless...go rent it for a change!! It's not your typical spoon fed Hollywood crap....definitely the one good thing about Independent films.

So the next part consisted of going out to Old Main lawn and enjoying the last nice weather for probably a week. More hot and crappy weather on the way. Ahh well guess I'll really enjoy having free utilties in teh apartment this week:) So while out there, I actually saw the flag guys. You know...the guys that put the flags up and down at Old Main...the US and Pennsylvania flags. So that was kind of cool...Amy wonders if they get paid. Anyone know? The really super awesome part is where they store them. The flag pole actually opens up....and they get stored in the flag pole!!! I think that is so damn super nifty cool. Go see it sometime if you're bored and don't believe me:) So around 5 we headed back for some DP Dough...Amy's first taste in around 6 months. I think she missed it:) But Amy, welcome back to it:) Other than that, the weekend consisted of some random conversations on IM....most notably someone mentioning the fact that he ran into a gay pride parade in San Francisco with a naked guy running along taping it....heh. Won't mention names...he knows who he is...hahahaha!!! So now I enjoy my last few hours of weekendom...before the wonders of Monday strike again:( At least only 3 days this week....;-) Oh yeah and see you in July next time:)

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