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Bridges Runner

Don't blame me if the rain cloud follows...

Don't blame me if the rain cloud follows...

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Well I really don't have anything to say but I'm basically counting down the minutes until I can leave and start my holiday weekend:) I am so damn excited about the fireworks tomorrow night...I'll be damned if I don't find them this year. Seems like some kind of insanity keeps me from the ultimate destination of fireworks.

Last year: Attempt to go to Philly with Lynda and Tim. One problem: we were at Penns Landing...fireworks were at the Art Museum. Argh. Mission failed.

A couple years ago: Rain. No philly:(

Year before that: Had to work so had to settle for ghetto fireworks and Boston on TV.

And finally here I am for the 2nd biggest fireworks display in the country:-D Even though they can't afford the sound system and make everyone bring a radio if you want to synchronize the fireworks to music..haha! If it seems like I am ridiculously excited about this...it's oh so true! And I am determined to get there this time! 24 mins to go as of my watch right now:)
  • no work.



    I want to set off fireworks. I haven't in a long time. Setting stuff on fire is cool.
  • I go home.
    and I want to sleep more.

    I like fire but me and fireworks don't mix...I like my hands and other extremities just the way they are:)

    Sleep rules!
    • You're not supposed to blow up your extremities.
      • I know but fire near me not good. Be cool and stay in school as well as don't light fire near body parts. I like fire...but fireworks don't sound like a good thing for me:)

        I hate windows updates and office updates...keeping me from leaving.
        • hate things no let me be at school at my nice apt...nice apt...

          hmmmm, fire. body. fire + body = bad

          die computers die
          • work sucks. i wanna go home. stupid windows is taking so long...stupid bill gates. why can't you fix things when you make them?

            Apartment good. Cable modem VERY good. RIAA bad...evil...whores.

            Brain. Hurt. Must. Rest. It.
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