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Don't blame me if the rain cloud follows...

Well I really don't have anything to say but I'm basically counting down the minutes until I can leave and start my holiday weekend:) I am so damn excited about the fireworks tomorrow night...I'll be damned if I don't find them this year. Seems like some kind of insanity keeps me from the ultimate destination of fireworks.

Last year: Attempt to go to Philly with Lynda and Tim. One problem: we were at Penns Landing...fireworks were at the Art Museum. Argh. Mission failed.

A couple years ago: Rain. No philly:(

Year before that: Had to work so had to settle for ghetto fireworks and Boston on TV.

And finally here I am for the 2nd biggest fireworks display in the country:-D Even though they can't afford the sound system and make everyone bring a radio if you want to synchronize the fireworks to music..haha! If it seems like I am ridiculously excited about this...it's oh so true! And I am determined to get there this time! 24 mins to go as of my watch right now:)
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