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The July 4th jinx continues...

By now, most of you know the "curse of Elyssa" when it comes to fireworks. Well I thought for sure that last night would cure me of the wicked voodoo ways. Boy was I wrong as you will see!! I knew I was in the right place, where to watch from, what time it started and that they had been one of he best in the country for a while. So there is no way this could be a miss, right?

So around 6:30, Amy, Michelle, Adam, and I walked up to Beaver Stadium. We got our food...well bad stuff...which contained for me...fries, water ice, and lemonade. Not too bad I suppose. So around 9:20 the fireworks began...and a few minutes later Emily showed up with Ben. So the fireworks started out ok but within a few minutes there were noticeable gaps in fireworks being launched. For example, they would announce the different types of fireworks and show you what they were...one problem...some of them weren't launching!! So the show continues and I was saying how I was not that impressed. I mean during "Proud to be an American" they had no fireworks for the chorus part. That definitely didn't seem right. So we left after a half ass finale. I was satisfied I saw fireworks but I did not think it was the second biggest in the country.

So we're walking home, and we notice a few fireworks being shot off. So then we get back to the apartment and there is a whole lot of fireworks being shot off!! I'm starting to get really mad....I was so freakin' excited about finally seeing fireworks and this is what I get!! So Amy and I watched from the apartment with freezy pops and the Boston Pops in the background.

So this morning...turns out that there was a mega huge computer glitch they didn't count on. The glitch to the count of 60-70% of all the shells not going off the first time!!! What the FREAKING HELL???!?!? This is really not funny anymore. Is it so hard for me to see fireworks on July 4th?? arghaerhh! Well, I told Amy I'd come to DC for the fireworks next year. I just hope I don't bring this voodoo curse with me!!

So the rest of the day was fun. I went with Michelle downtown. Bought the Jimmy Eat World CD and a Penn State "United We Stand" tee shirt. So here I am home...for 3 days. It's nice to be home for a bit. Tomorrow I am going with Nicole down to Philly for the fireworks. I should be ok today since it's not July 4th. I'll let you know how that goes. Other than that not much to report...I was really sick Wednesday afternoon...so that sucked. Other than that...yeah...I'm trying again...hopefully happy fireworks to report this time!!

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