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Bridges Runner

Another black eye for baseball....

Another black eye for baseball....

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How ignorant does baseball think its fans are? Enough to call the 73rd all star game a TIE?!?! Tie? Wth? Since when does baseball have ties? I guess when Bud Selig takes over....idiot, tool, (insert stupid names here). For those that are completely out of the loop, the baseball all star game ended in a tie after 11 innings, 7-7. The worst part is how the All Star MVP award was just named after Ted Williams...who just passed away last Friday. And naturally since it was a tie they didn't pick an MVP. Good one there guys. As the strike looms, I am losing more respect for these guys. They laughed as the tie was announced.....and fans BOO'd...I think we'll have to get used to this:/
  • I agree!

    Now you know why i talked to you about a road trip to find mister Selig and uhm... perhaps "persuade" him to go into exile permanately. :X

    But with the Flyers stinking up the works, the Redskins with Spurrier (shudder), the Eagles doing God knows what, the Phillies being the Phillies and more... well, its so damn tough to be a sports fan. :(
    • Re: I agree!

      Yep, I've had it. Baseball is really trying to make fans go away. Blech. As for Philly in general, I think the Eagles will do better than people think. Reid has defied critics the past 3 years....with the development with Donovan...anything is possible:) Keep hope...because football is one sport where truly anything can happen. I mean the Patriots winning the Superbowl???!?!?
      • Re: I agree!


        Ok, my faith in sports feel good stories hath returned. I needed that!
  • Hey, The Redskins could go somewhere with Spurrier!!! *cough*

    Okay, give me a break. All I have is baseball. I'm a caps fan and a redskins fan. They do nothing! At least being a Yankee fan there is the prospect of winning, or winning up until the last out of the 9th game of the world series, either way. It's something more than the other two.

    We are so screwed.

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