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Something in the air with dreaming...

Beware: The following is a dream that I had...it's weird, deranged, etc...so if you feel you can not handle it do not click on.

So my weird weird dream....

First off, I need to set the scenario. It's a reality tv show of some sort (no clue how that happened since they annoy me greatly now). It takes place in some city...not sure which one but it was a major city and I'm pretty sure it was in the US. So apparently this reality show has it so that a staged armed robbery will take place and I am the victim. I think it was some kind of behind the scenes thing so I didn't know. But anyway, I am walking back to my car and this scary black guy follows me (don't mean any stereotype here it's just what was in my dream). So I'm walking back to my car and this guy is like "I don't have a nice car...only people like you have nice cars." It was really weird...and he kept saying how I was spoon fed everything and didn't have to work for anything...and he had to work for everything and yet didn't have everything that I had. So I was obviously kinda scared but keep walking to my car. Anyway so I get back to the car and he's like I need to go into your trunk for something. At this point I was like umm you can't do that...this is my car! This is when he pulls out the gun! (Camera crew didn't cut in because they thought this was part of the armed robbery) However, this guy opens the trunk with a knife or something? and out pops seat cushions or something. And this apparently was supposed to cue the camera people to say surprise or whatever that it is a reality show. Instead this guy points the gun at me!! And is really getting ready to shoot me! Wth? So apparently they bring cops just in case and somehow this guy is shot dead and burns up (no idea where the fire comes from either). So afterwards, the camera people come over and were like "you did a great job. That was supposed to be a fake robber but apparently the other guy was killed by this guy (a real robber!!)" At that point I was so mad because it wasn't a joke! I could have been killed because of some stupid joke. So apparently I started lashing out at them and telling them to go F themselves....and it really wasn't funny. Not sure on exact quotes. But yeah...after that my alarm went off...

Weird stuff. No clue why I had such a weird dream last night but it was VERY disturbing.

So yeah...told you to read at your own risk;-)

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