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Bridges Runner

quotes from tonight

quotes from tonight

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"Where's home?...silence as he listens to the caller...."Where the f**k is that?"

"You're not gonna hook up with that guy"
"No, we're cool....(she looked like she was gonna fall over)."

"I'm going to Egypt!"

Oh and the ratio of cops to students is 1 to 1 I think when traveling through beaver canyon!

Yeah Arts Fest 2k2!!!!!!
  • Er...

    Ok, pardon my mind at the moment but as I pointed out to amy tonight I have no control over it's ethereal whereabouts.

    But to remind you for future reference, you MAY want to explain what beaver canyon is for the non-PSU types who happen across this. :puts hands up in an innocent gesture: Like I said, I'm only trying to be helpful. Well, no, I didnt say it, but now you know. Ok, I'm outtie. ::runs::
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