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Arts Fest Part I:Porn Lady and Cops on Horses

Yep, so first "real" day of Arts Fest in the books. Started uneventful with the usual stupid work. UPS ended up being dumb asses and misreading the address on the label...hence didn't get my mp3 CD player;_; Anyway, I came home and Laura had left a message on my machine (yay people coming into town). So she said she'd call later to say what's up. Ended up meeting up with Ian, Drew, and Martin as well as kenkomachi for wings from Quaker Steak and Lube (no not the car place!!!)....it was one of the booths down on Allen St. Anyway, I got assigned wing orderer and got the bucket of 42 wings of BBQ flavor. So we ended up finding a shady place next to an office building to eat. Drew decided to eat his wings in front of a window where a lady was still "working." Let us keep in mind it was 6:15 PM on a Friday...arts fest weekend as well. So as Drew was eating his wings he looked to see what she was entranced with. Turns out she was looking at PORN!!! Drew turns around and is like "oh my gosh.,...she's looking at porn. Ian immediately is fascinated by this as well. This lady was downloading porn at work at 6:15 at night?!?! WTF? The lady somewhat notices that Drew was looking in and tilts the screen away. She is still completely engrossed in t his. The "boys" were pondering ways to embarrass her and such...aka taking a picture of something so she sees the flash. Even flashing her or something. Oye. Boys. They never outgrow the age of 5 in maturity level:P

So after that we headed down to the Saloon since it was happy hour. Amy headed home since she had to meet Emily and Ben soon down for Catharsis. It was a lot of fun...saw Dave Beckert there (friend from hs brother). Drew and Ian ended up playing pool for a little while. Overall, it was nice to just chill. Had a shot called a Jim Morrison,,,REALLY GOOD...takes like a root beer! Left around 8 to see if anyone had called about the going ons for the night. Nick had called so he said he'd call around 10 to say what was going on. Michelle came over a little later to have a couple drinks before meeting up with Nick, his gf Sarah, and Dan. First we went up to the HUB and played some pool. Man I really suck at pool:) It was really fun though. Next we walked around town before heading to Michelle's to just chill and stuff. Nick ended up finding the lighter so that made him all excited. In addition, Michelle brought out the m and ms. I think if any of us had tried to get mandms while the guys were eating them we may have been killed:P However, she was smart and got a container that was guy proof....you have to have small fingers to get the mandms out...so that was neat:) Next Nick got the brilliant idea to light an mandm on fire....and it did catch fire which made the apartment stink. Luckily the smoke alarm didn't go off:P Next, Nick thought he should eat the peanut that was in the mandm. In a genius male move, he picked the mandm thinking it wouldn't be hot....haha. Times like this that I remember how much fun it is to hang out with everyone again:) So on the way home (around 2) we ran into Maggie....she was pretty drunk (claims only 5-6 drinks though I think she just stops counting)....and that was cool. She said she ran down to my apartment to look for me but of course I wasn't there:P She said she'd call today...so we'll see;) She remembered the number drunk at least:P The cops were out in force. We saw at least 6 state troopers on horses and they were patrolling EVERYWHERE. I mean there was one instance of 5 troopers standing shoulder to shoulder. Never have I felt so safe walking the streets at 2am:-D

So I came home and went to bed around 3. Woke up at 10 to shower and get an Arts Fest poster for my dad's office. I wanted to get it at M&T before they give them out at the actual Festival (no way I'd get it there). Met up with Laura for lunch at Panera so that was nice. And now I'm getting ready to head out again to go to a party at Michelle's (amy's friend).

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