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Hectic Wednesday

Well it's been quite a few days to start the week. Let's just say yesterday I was not a happy camper....the neighbor. Work was pretty busy. They scheduled for one more tech that was not there! So there was something like 9 tickets for 2 techs? And the good news was when I came home....the neighbor finally quit with the earthquake music../..I guess he sleeps too:P

Anyway, this crazy weather stuff is confusing me...it's making it feel like it's after Spring Break, not the end of January! I think the crazy weather just did something else...I can now send stuff to Stouty and Nick...for whatever reason I couldn't do that all year!!! So yeah, that is very very exciting for me! Anywho, today was just blah. I felt really tired today, but I actually got to sleep last night without the aid of Sounds of Nature. Classes were kinda boring...I had to sit through 3 straight lectures....which plays on your mind after a while.

Tonight should be fun....I have a free dinner at the Atherton Hotel. Nicole dragged me into this stupid case study thing and naturally I was sucked in by the dinner part. Who can blame me? And if by some chance we win we get 100 dollar gift certificates for Amazon.com. I would never use that....hahaha! After that, it's off to work....this is so I can go home next weekend.

Well I gotta go check on the laundry. After 2 weeks I figure it's a good time to do it:P

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