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Arts Fest part 2: Ahh so nice to see you:-)

So I left off at lunch on Saturday. After lunch, Amy and I met up with Nick, Dan, and Sarah to go to michelle's party (amy's friend). There was so much alcohol there it was ridiculous! Amy and I had bought a 6 pack of woodchucks because we were concerned there wouldn't be enough. heh. She had bought 2 cases of beer and then on top of that....there were 2 jugs of wine as well as other people that had brought 6 packs:P heh. Anyway, Maggie showed up so that was cool too. Amy hadn't seen her in a year and a half. So pretty much we just chilled and chatted for a while before movin on since it was kind of hot in the apartment. After, we sat outside on Old Main lawn....it was nice and cool. However, this guy decided he would participate in arts fest but he could not sng for beans!!! I think my dad sings better than him:P After a bit of time, Amy and I said we wanted to head back to nap before dinner at Red Lobster (my first trip there ever!!!). We ended up meeting Dan, Nick and Sarah there...worked out well because they were seated by the time we got there:-) Amy and I shared a shrimp combo thing....I got shrimp scampy and she got popcorn shrimp. Meanwhile Nick and Dan got the ultimate feast...which was a HUMUNGOUS platter of seafood. I don't think I eat that much in 3 days let alone one sitting:P

After dinner Amy and I headed home because we were supposed to meet up with Michelle for Velveeta at the Crowbar. However, by 9 I still had not heard from her so I said why don't we get some Ben and Jerrys:-) Martin met up with us. I got One Sweet Whirled...it's the new flavor this year...it was so yummy. Amy commented on the fact that they use sugar cones while the creamery doesn't. I guess I never noticed:P Laura called on the phone saying she didn't feel like partying since she had an early flight the next morning. We ended up sitting on the wall awaiting the time to head over to the HUB for Violent Femmes. In the process watched the stupid drunks and horses. I liked watching the horses walk down College Ave:) It was very cool. Also saw a limo go around the block at least 10x. Anyway, around 1:10 we headed over....Violent Femmes were at 130. By then, I was pretty beat. I was hoping the concert would pick me up. However, I was disappointed by the atmosphere and the Femmes overall. They didn't play upbeat stuff...so that was disappointing. It was fun to watch the guys ride the mechanical bull...Martin was pretty good at it. So around 2 Amy and I headed back feeling pretty winded.

Sunday I woke up and around noon Emily and Dave stopped by. When Amy came home we ended up going out for lunch at Damon's. Man I love that place:) Note to self: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich kicks ass there:) After lunch we headed to the mall since Amy and Emily needed stuff for Otokon (an anime convention in Baltimore in two weeks). Around 4 Amy and I headed home...we were so excited to be home and not leaving:) Tried to get chicken on a stick but they closed the food stands early:( So instead we went for the wonderful world of Tuna Helper:P hehehe! After some GTA 3 fun, I headed to bed feeling completely satisfied with the weekend:)

This weekend made me realize how much I am going to love this year of school....and how sad I will be when it ends;_; I missed everyone a lot and can't wait for them to come back:) It's so awesome to have everyone within 5 mins of eachother! And Nick will be my neighbor this year...could be a good or bad thing depending how you look at it...haha j/k. It'll kick ass! So bring it on senior year...let the fun come along!

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