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Whew it's been a while

I know I've neglected to write in here for a few days....I apologize to the three people that may read my jargon:P Anyway, it's been a pretty nice week. Yesterday (Wednesday) was a pretty active day. After coming home from a lovely day of work (haha) it was time for Chef Amy and Chef Lis. I was in charge of the matzo ball soup and Amy was in charge of making the chicken with cashews (DAMN good). It was her first time making it so she was nervous about that. Around 530 Emily and Martin arrived....perfect timing too...everything was timed to be done then:P We were going for the ethnic food thing. I think everyone liked the Matzo Ball Soup...first time for them I think (Amy I know for sure it was). Amy's chicken with cashews ROCKED THE HOUSE or the apartment:P I thought it was reallllllllly good....nice and spicy...yummmmmmmmy! Can't wait to make it again.

So around 7 we headed out to the bowling alley to meet Ian, Drew, and their friends. Everyone laughed because I had my own bowling ball. I want you to know that just because I have a ball doesn't mean I'm any good! My grandmom gave it to me and I maybe bowl once a year it seems:) Watching Amy bowl was fun....it's so cute how she has so little speed on it...but unreal accuracy. Pretty much dead center every time. She kept telling us how she's no good at bowling.....she was conning us;-) Anyway I bowled an 83 and 77...yuck. I was hoping to break 100 at least...heh guess the rustiness showed;-) At least I didn't get a 50 like certain unnamed persons:-) hehehe. It was a good time had by all...I enjoyed when they put happy music on because I could do my little dance before I bowled (did much better when I did that for some reason). Amy and Martin were a great cheering section....though it broke my concentration. So that's why I got the bad scores, huh? hehehe. After some bowling, it was time to hit the arcade. Martin challenged me to some air hockey. I am the queen of air hockey. I have no idea why I am good at that...I just am. Anyway I beat Martin 5-3...2 of the goals were distraction goals...or own goals. Got to work on that. Then it was Austin Powers pinball time....Amy was freakin' awesome at it. She got 2 free games....one from a replay and another from the match! Then Martin won another 2. I didn't win any;_:

Today was pretty cool too. I bought a new pair of headphones today since the ones that came with my mp3 cd player hurt my ears....stupid ear buds. So now I'm not only comfortable but stylin'! Around 5:30 Martin dropped by with Emily and ended up taking us out to dinner to a really nice German tavern in Bellefonte. We got to sit out by the water with all the ducks in it. At first when I looked at the menu I was nervous because it was all really expensive. Martin then explained he was treating us all to celebrate finishing his thesis for his PH D. He is sooooooooo nice...waaaay nice. Thanks again if you somehow stumble upon this:-D We got to feed the ducks as well...hehe. I had way to much fun with that. It was strangely fun to watch the ducks fight over bread. My dinner was awesome and I got a chocolate truffle torte for dessert...talk about rich:P Good stuff. We had to rush Amy back to campus for work.,...got to love rescom:P So I ended up doing mothy laundry (moths tend to live in the laundry room) and taking a nice walk around campus styling in my new headphones:-D

So tomorrow I head out to Pittsburgh for the next installment in the summer of Elyssa....weeeeeeeee!

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