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My town, The Clarks, Mullets, Pnc Park and more!

Well here I am...as promised...with journal entry #100. I have never kept a journal before this so it's kind of exciting for me...perhaps not the poor souls that read this:P Anyway, Pittsburgh was a blast...even though Philly is better...hehe. Moving along...

So Friday we (Amy, Melissa, her roomie Sarah and I) left around 445 for Greensburg (where Melissa lives). I do not joke of the name of the town...and hence why it is my town!!! So anyway the ride was pretty uneventful. We stopped by the bar where the clarks were playing to check if there were tickets left. Indeed there were so we went to her house to drop off our stuff. So around 9 we left for the bar which is called Bobby Dale's. Can you say CULTURE FREAKING SHOCK?!?! First of all, I think we were the only 4 people UNDER the age of 25 in the entire bar. Second, I have never seen so many people stuck in the 80s in one place. Third, minorities anyone? I think Amy and I were the only minorities in the whole place with the exception of one of the band members in Fighting Gravity. So yeah I think Amy and I were a bit shell shocked from that to say the least:P Makes me appreciate the Crowbar in State College that much more! The place was also not air conditioned...so it was really hot and gross:-( Before the first band went on, they had music playing. It was also an experience. Anything from the 70s and 80s then the entire crowd was on the dance floor. However, anything from the 90s or on, it was basically us four:P I really felt like I was in the 80s again...big hair and mullets...*sigh*. Around 9:30 Fighting Gravity took the stage. They were pretty fun...I definitely enjoyed them a lot:) Amy and I saw a bald white guy performing with the band and that reminded us of Martin...hehe. That trend seemed to continue throughout the weekend. Anyway, they played rock and some ska......it was cool overall. They finished up around 1030ish....and that's when the crowd started to filter onto the dance floor. The clarks came on around 11. We ended up right by this really gross lady that we call "Furby" due to her scary eyelashes. She kept banging into us which was damn annoying. Then there were old sorostitutes that never seemed to figure out that they are no longer in sororities anymore>_< Yucky. By about the third or fourth song of the Clarks amy and I could no longer take the scary drunks anymore. So we headed to the side to just chill and hope to not get smashed into. *sigh* We finally went towards the back and thought we were safe. However, Amy got burned by someone's cigarette on her hand:( I wish she would have just thrown that person:P hehe. We ended up talking to the lead singer of Fighting Gravity which was cool. We told him he needs to come to PSU...to play:) Around 1am we left to head back to Melissa's for some sleep. I was really beat from the drive.

Saturday...woke up around 10 and showered and such. We headed to the mall so Melissa could get her jean skirt and phone thing. I ended up getting some nifty nail polish at old navy as well as 47 cent body lotion at the Gap. Rock on! Finally, we met Justin at 4:15 at a Giant Eagle near him. So we pull into a parking spot...and Melissa kinda went a bit into the grass. Justin's face was priceless. He looked like "You're making me drive with her?!!?." hehe. The ride down was pretty uneventful. One thing I learned is people in Pittsburgh don't know how to drive in tunnels. Apparently they feel the need to slow. I do not know. That's just the way it is. Justin said that pigs would fly out of his nose if there were no slow down. Oh well no pigs out of his nose this time;_: That would be pretty damn funny:P Anyway, 3 bucks to park...amazing for event parking! It was pretty cool./..got to walk across Clemente Bridge....and saw PNC Park for the first time. Damn it is a nice stadium! I can't wait for the Phillies and Eagles stadiums to be done;_; I got some pretty cool Pictures of the park if you'd like to see. We ran around the stadium for a while to check out all the nifty things and such. We were like kids in a candy store:P Finally it was food time. I got a thing called a PRIMANTI BROTHERS SANDWICH (ahem JUSTIN) which contained coleslaw, fries, and Hamburger meat in a sandwich. It was interesting but good. I suppose it's their thing:-) And yes I did wear my Phillies jersey to the game...once a philly fan, always one:-D I didn't get much crap for it...suppose since both our teams aren't very good it takes some of the luster out of it. I bet if it had been a flyers jersey I'd have gotten a lot more abuse. Anyway our seats were in right field...top row. But even so, we were really close to the action...only thing we couldn't see was if a warning track shot was hit our way. The game was pretty exciting...lots of homers. In the fourth inning (while I was going to the bathroom), JD Drew hit a homer off the Pepsi sign that was right above my section. Four seats over from us people were shattered with the glass....and ended up with free stuff (even though I don't think I'd care for Pittsburgh stuff that much...hey it would have been free:P). So my friends may have been on sportscenter;-) The rest of the game consisted of eating Cotton Candy and poking Justin to annoy him:) Revenge is a bitch, eh? Pirates ended up winning 15-6 so everyone was happy and they launched some fireworks to celebrate (see it wasn't the 4th). So after the game we headed to the car. When we got in the car, Melissa informed us she had to stop once we got out of the city because she wasn't feeling too well:( I felt really bad because I totally know where she is coming from. Anyone that knows me, knows I have one of the worst stomachs known to man. Ended up stopping at Hooters (of all places:P)....about 30-45mins later she was back and feeling a bit better. Made it back without incident which was good. Fell asleep rather quickly...was pretty beat.

Sunday...slept till around 11am! Sleep rules:P Melissa's mom and dad ended up making a HUGE brunch for us. It was sooooooo nice. Really yummy. Definitely was not hungry after 3 blueberry pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, toast and OJ:) We sat around and watched some of the Pirates game. Favorite comment: (satillite tv started acting funky) "It's having a Senior blond moment" "No it's not....it's having a Senior AARP moment." (Sarah and Melissa are blondes...and seniors at Penn State). Around 3 we said our goodbyes and hit the road. When we were about 15 mins from State College, we ended up behind a fat lady in honda with the bumper about to fall off. Now these were country roads with pretty much zero traffic and she decided she needed to go 25-30 in a 45 zone. I was literally ready to cry from how slow she was going. We decided the car couldn't handle the hills with her weight (I don't mean to poke fun but in this instance it was well deserved...). Finally I just passed her (yes it was a double yellow line but it was a straight away part and no traffic there). Everyone cheered my move:-D I think another minute of her and all sanity would have been lost. Got in around 6. Around 630 I decided it would be good for me to walk to Blockbuster to spend my gift certificate. It was a nice walk..bit warm...but good exercise. Ended up buying Blackhawk Down on DVD (previously viewed)....ended up costing me a little over 5 bucks which isn't bad. So here I am now...made some suckity suck brownies as Amy calls them and getting ready to head to bed. Only a 4 day week ahead...then it's time to head to Cape Cod with the family for vacation:-D Have a good Monday everyone!

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