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Netscape: GET A CLUE?!!?

Warning: Mega Netscape ranting...if you for some reason like it you may not want to read about my incredible distaste for it.Netscrape=make me want to jump up and down on it...till it no longer exists EVER AGAIN. I hate it so much. It's a POS that does nothing but make any web designer miserable and want to shoot the morons that run the company. As most of you know, my summer has consisted of web design for the most part. And for the most part I have spent the summer trying to appease netscrape...trouble being getting it to cooperate with the buggy versions. Today we discovered apparently 6.2.3 doesn't like images or alt tags. Way to be ADA compliant. Then I made the mistake of trying 7.0 which is supposed to be better than IE. Better than IE 1.0 maybe (is there even one?). It couldn't even show the CNN site properly...random images everywhere and HUGE text links. 4.7 seems to be cooperating for the most part with the exception of not showing some of the CSS styles...but I suppose we can live without those. Not surprisingly, IE has no problem displaying everything. So Netscrape: If you're going to make a browser, make one that WORKS...none of this bs that is totally incompatible with anything.... Heck, we even used the W3C standards...so if you can't do that....go away and out of the browser market. You're old...you suck...stay away...I HATE your stupid pos suckity suck browser!

In other news, my roomie scared me really bad today. Apparently, a glass from our drying rack in the kitchen fell off right on top of her foot! I thought for sure we were going to have our first hospital run today. Thankfully, she's going to make it with no stitches. Yay for mommy Greenberg and her motherly advice for me to pass on to Amy:-D However, she'll be on the DL for a few days. I'm convinced our apartment is possessed. That's the third person to be attacked by the apartment this summer.....the last two being Michelle’s. There goes that trend:P

Not much else to report....I'm hoping the Apartment Store puts a window in the laundry room. I reported that problem today. Got my football tickets today as well. YAY! Vacation in 4 days.....

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