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Name- Elyssa
2. Birthday- August 18, 1980
3. Zodiac- Leo
4. Nationality- American
5. What time is it- 10:45 and 16 seconds...wait 17
6.Are you sensitive- yep. got to be if you're a human:)
Person who last...
> >
7. Called you- Mom
8. Slept in your bed: my pillows:P
9. Saw you cry- can't remember
10. Made you cry- not sure...always a good sign:)
11. You shared a drink with: my silly family
12. You went to the movies with- 2 Amys, Ian, his roommate, Emily, Justin
13. You went to the mall with- Amy, Melissa and Sarah
14.Sent you an email- Bill from work

Have You ever...
> >
15. Taken a picture of yourself with a milk moustache and sent it to the milk people?: nope but a good procrastination technique
16. Gotten into a fight with your Dog/Cat etc..? no pets:( Do sims count?
17. Been to New York?- yeppers...going back aug 21
18. Been to Florida?- yep...whole family pretty much lives there
19. California?- nope:(
20. Hawaii?- nope:(
21. Mexico?- yep, Cancun
22. China?- Nope
23. Canada?- a while ago when it was cool to go there;-)
24. Danced Naked- riiiight..
25. Had a mud bath- almost did at movin on but quickly got to my senses
26. Wished you were the opposite sex? heh nah i like common sense
27. What time is it now?- 1049 and 19 seconds
28. Apples or bananas?- bananas! cool looking word:)
29. Blue or Red?- blue!!
30. Wal-Mart or target? Target...with the accent on the e:)
31. Spring or Fall?- more of a summer person;)...but fall due to FOOTBALL season
32. Santa or Rudolph?- Hannukkah Harry...haha
33. The last meal you ate? cold cereal
34. High school or college?- college...only one more yr:(
35. Are you bored- nah not with the people i hang around:D
36. Last movie you saw?- Blackhawk Down
37.Last noise you heard?- stupid phone ringing

About your friends....
> >
38. Who have you known the longest?- not sure...don't want to upset anyone:)
39. Is the loudest?- Michelle:) but in a good way
40. the quietest: no idea
41. Will fill this out and send it back the soonest?- ha...anyone at work?
42.Who is the funniest- all my friends are funny..:)
43. Who can you tell most of your secrets to- hmm depends on what it is
44. Who do you usually go to about all of your problems? again all depends
45. Do you have a crush on someone?- dunno too tired to care about boys:P
46. Do they know?- see above
47. What book are you reading now? Lord of the Rings Trilogy
48. Nicknames- Lis
49. Hair Color- brown
50. Height- 5'3"
51. Pets- nope :(
52. Siblings- one brother
53. Gone out in public in your pajamas- heh i'm in college and i've had an 8am..yep
54. Missed school b/c it was raining- nah...this one time i walked through 5 feet of snow...haha!
55. Set any body part on fire for amusement- nope don't need more harm:P
56. Cried during a movie? Yes
57. Planned your week based on the TV Guide- haha that's why the VCR is there....so you can live a life and it does the basing a week on tv guide
58. Prank called someone? that's very 5 yr oldish...oh more like a guy thing to do:)
59. Been on stage- Yes

> >
60. Shampoo- something
61. Soap or Shower Gel- soap
62. Color- blue
63. Day or Night- day after i awaken from sleep
64. Summer/Winter- Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >
65. Cried- no
66. Cut your hair- no
67. Worn sunglasses- nope never bought my 5 dollar pair this summer
68. Been sarcastic- haha you kidding? My middle name is sarcastic;)
69. Talked to someone you have a crush on- ...
70. Hugged someone- yep
71. Fought with your parents- nah
72. Wished upon a star- nope that's only in disney films!!
73. Laughed until you cried- yep everyday of my life is like that...
74. played Truth or Dare- Nope
75. watched a sunset w/ sum1: i watched a sunset but not with anyone:)
76. Went to the beach at night- beach? heh no
77. Spent quality time alone- yeah
78. ate a meal- no i'm starving myself...hell yes there was food!
79. Are you lonely- nah not too much with my roomie around:)
80. r u happy- usually
81. r u tkin 2 sum1 online- yep!
Do u believe in
> >
82. God/Devil- yep
83. Love- yes
85. The Big Bang Theory- sure why not
86. heaven/hell- yeah
87. Superstitions- haha not really but its fun to say you do
89. Who named you?- mom
90. last time you showered?- this morning
91. computer desk made of? fake plastic and stuff
92. What are the last 4 digits in your phone number?- what? I am not giving you anything!
93. How's the weather right now?- nice
94. who do u love? all the cool people in my life
95. How do you eat an Oreo?- dunk in milk:)
96. What do you want to be when you grow up?- i don't know?!? ack...
97. Favorite movies- Shawshank Redemption
98. Favorite cologne/perfume/body spray?- CK1
99. do u like to dance? sure
100. Fast or slow?- a little bit of both
101. Favorite clothes brands?- what's cheapest?
102. Favorite drink?- rum and coke;)
103. On the phone or in person?- in person
104. Do you play in a band?- nah

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