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I will be leaving the world of LJ for a while....

Well this may be my last entry for a while...VACATION is coming:-D So I doubt I'll be online much. I know my fans will miss me but hey everyone needs some getaway time! Cape Cod should be nice...

Anyway, life has been just blah the past few days. Pretty much counting the days until vacation. I didn't think I'd be that excited but I am! Today was cool. I went into work as usual....and as I was doing my web design work (GeoVISTA), Bob (system admin) came in to tell me that I shouldn't come into work for the afternoon. He was going to the Altoona Curve game. Darn, no work:) So I came home, made lunch and immediately took a nap:D It was beautiful!

Other than that, this week has consisted of going back to the addiction to the sims. It is like an inner force that pulls you in. hehe yay sims. Apparently an Online Sims is coming out at the end of November at which point I will be really screwed. Right before finals....oye. I will soon have Hot Date, expansion pack for the sims o_0 That should pass the two weeks I'm up here and no one else is:-D

So yeah...one more thing to mention. I may give in and try a martial art. It was bound to happen with the amount of people I know that are involved with it! I told kenkomachi I'd try aikido. I'm not sure how this will go but I suppose it is worth a shot. We agreed Justin should start going again so I can throw him around:-D We shall see I suppose...well I'm done with my entry now so umm yeah...see ya;-)
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