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Live from Cape Cod!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let everyone know I got here safely Friday afternoon around 3pm. It was a long ride and provided quality family bonding time:P We stopped for black and white cookies (the racial cookies;-)) along the way so all is good:) When we got here, we were pretty beat. It was the first time I had seen my grandparents in 6 months (they're from Florida) and my aunt/uncle/cousins from Cape Cod. My aunt made chicken pot pie for dinner! She asked me if it was OK to have that...ok? HELL YEAH!! That's one of my favorites! My brother also called last night (yeah i have one just hard to find him), apparently he's on his way to Chicago for work now. Sort of like where in the world is my brother...who knows?!? Around 10 I headed to bed...driving caught me. I was all excited to sleep...then I went on the bed. It was like sleeping on a wooden board! I like firm mattresses but this was ridiculous and uncomfortable. I woke up and felt like my back was in a knot!

Today we went to Chatham. It's one of the small towns around here. We went to a small cafe for lunch called the Blue Coral and ate outside. It was kind of cool today...sun never made an appearance. I bought a nice zip up sweatshirt...sort of a Carolina blue color with Chatham across it. We also got some fudge:-D I LOVE FUDGE! The guy behind the counter was not a very good seller. He told us eating that stuff makes one fat;-) Thanks buddy we know...but small quantities are ok..especially with the amount my family exercises. Probably will be renting a bike with my dad to go along the bike trail here sometime this week. While heading back to the car, we noticed a girl tripped and fell. However, there were enough people there...and she sat up. But since we have the doctors in the house, it's always good to make sure:) Then we notice a police car in the parking lot where we were with his lights on (at first nervous we got a ticket or towed or something). He headed down to check on the kid. Next, we saw an ambulance head down. Next, a fire rescue truck followed by a volunteer cop. Sheesh all this for a kid that falls down. I guess it gives them practice up here...since not too much goes on. Which is a good thing:) So I came back and napped for a little bit. It's about dinner time now so I better jet. Hope all is well back down there in PA;) Updates about the Red Sox game tomorrow...woohoo Fenway Park!!!!

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