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FENWAY PARK!!!!! RED SOX 12 o's 3

Today I went to Fenway Park, 4 Yawkey Way;-) We drove to Braintree and took the "T" into town. Amy, yes it is a good rail system...we got everywhere we needed to be:) Of course, we have used it before but hey it was good:) Anyway, we arrived around 12:40..game started at 1. Had a piece of pizza and water outside the stadium...however I didn't really drink the H20 since I thought if it was closed it'd be ok to bring in. Not so after 9/11:-/ Sad how it has become these days. My dad of course couldn't bring his backpack in so he had to go to Gold's Gym to have them babysit it for 10 bucks:-/ Argh. So our seats were in Right Field....top row of the lower sections but all that mattered was I was in FENWAY PARK! Seeing the Green Monster and just being where so many greats played...awesome:) Especially seeing the many Yankees Suck teeshirts outside the stadium...man I need one of those;) I ddin't get one since my grandpa and dad were around. The game was a blast. Red Sox beat the O's 12-3...best of all there was a HUMONGOUS brouhaha (fight)! I mean it was a big one that went out into the outfield! I got awesome pics of that...no worries:) I'll show you when I get in next week and download them to my computer! I also got a new Red Sox visor...I'll definitely be sporting them for the NY/Bos rivalry...YANKEES SUCK, JETER SWALLOWS (sorry alicia but I hate them so much that it's like the Dallas Cowboys hatred...hehe sorry brian). Wow I offended a lot of people's teams with that:-D There were some O's fans sitting next to us to start out the game...but by the 4th inning they were out of there...hehe. That stadium is so wonderful...and the fans there...wow. It was a treat to be seeing a team in a pennant race...they were very into it. It was sooo much fun:) I can't wait to go back...can't imagine a Yanks/Bosox game there....whew. After the game we went to a steakhouse for dinner. I got ribs....my favorite. There were really good and only 11 bucks...really meaty! One of the best I've had. So that brings me here after going over to see some more cousins and what not. Well, tomorrow we're heading to Provincetown and to see my cousin's play.

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