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So I went to Provincetown today...which is the tip of Cape Cod. So basically for the sea to shining sea...I was on the eastern tip of that;) Anyway, this was one of those flaming alternative lifestyle type of towns. I mean they had fun shops to go in but pretty much 80% of the guys there were not straight. Still nice to look at since they had their shirts off. It was soooo hot today...even with the breeze. We walked around and went in all kinds of fun stores. My mom got a flying pig statue. She's very into those now for her health office...when kids say they need to go home...well bring out the saying;) Anyway, I bought a couple things for Nicole since she got me something from Spain. I won't reveal since she may be reading this:) We ended up going to a nice cafe for lunch by the sea. I shared a huge salad with my mom. By 3:15 we were really hot and tired. Came home and instant nap time.

Anyone see the miners story? I'm so impressed that they survived after 77 hours...and that they are all pretty much fine now. That is some survival skills! So yay miners:)

The whales that beached on Cape Cod (where I am) was the town right next door to us. I didn't get to see 'em since I was in Ptown but pretty cool nonetheless. I would have helped the whales if I were there too!

BOO to the stupid phillies. They muffed up yet another trade (Rolen Trade). I could go on but it could rather ugly.

So tonight I'm heading to my cousins play...at least it's air conditioned. I'm not thrilled but I have to be a nice cousin ya know:) Tomorrow is a chill beach day...that'll be nice. Wednesday is martha's vineyard. See ya guys tomorrow:)

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