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Feeling hot hot hot!

More beached whales today. I feel really bad for them:( I hope they can stop beaching themselves and run away from the coast:)

Today was a rest day. We went out for breakfest..the portions were enormous. I could only eat half of it before I was really full (blueberry stuffed french toast...mmm mmm good). Next, we ran around Harwichport for a bit. Next we came back and went to the lake. It was very relaxing...until the air stopped moving. Then it was soooooo hot and nasty. The 4 days it's ridiculously hot naturally I'm here. I like heat but not when it's so humid. Humidity is an absolute b&tch. Came back and took a luke warm shower.

We're going to Lobster Claw tonight for lobster:) That should be nice. We picked this resturant due to the fact it is air conditioned. Not many people have a/c here since it really never gets hot. So that's about it.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Martha's Vineyard and Thursday we may go into Boston to visit my mom's friend she's known since first grade! And Friday I head back to the wonderful Delaware Valley:P

Time for some lobster....

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