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Saturday in the apartment....

Well I treated today like a Sunday since Sunday night will pretty much be a Saturday. Get it? Basically Superbowl Sunday:) Anyways, today was cool I guess. Woke up around 12:15ish after going to bed around 330...(Fri night was full of fun and games...woohoo). Anywho, Nick invited me to go with a bunch of his other friends out to lunch with his parents. So we went to the deli and hence got good food

Tonight was basically get stuff done. Did some reading. Went to the market to get soda and chips for the superbowl. Blah. Then made brownies and covered that with hot fudge and ice cream!! Nick and Emily came over for that and to watch Silence of the Lambs. Excellent flick for those that haven't seen it. One of those that makes your head hurt and think. That's pretty much the day. Your basic blah Saturday. Anyways, I've got work bright and early (well at noon) so I'll write more exciting stuff later. Until then, ta ta....and GO PATRIOTS!!!!

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