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Bridges Runner

A little change...

A little change...

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I figured it was time for another change in the background. Eagles football season is rapidly approaching so hence the mega Eagles look:-D Have I mentioned I am a HUGE Eagles fan? Yay for creativity in LJ:-D And thanks to vagabondknight for the renaming of the comments links:-D

Anyway, life has been busy for me the past few days. I am currently working my butt off to get some form of the web site I have been working on up internally. This is made very difficult by the fact that I have absolutely no help. So basically I have about 45,000 things to do in 8 days....oh joy. The good news is at least I will be able to work there for the fall:) I sent my resignation letter to rescom mid July and have yet to get a return from my ex-boss. Oh well not my problem. I wrote a very nice email to him saying how I was glad to work for rescom the past two years but a better opportunity has come up. So now I'm just waiting for rescom to start up and get an email saying I didn't show up for training. Not my problem....

Other news...it's pretty empty up here at good ole' PSU now. I think I saw 4 people when I crossed Old Main Lawn. Is that ridiculous or what? I forgot my lunch today...that sucked...but I went to lunch with Ian and Drew instead so that was cool. 8 more days of work left this summer...I can't believe it. Where in the world did the summer go? I definitely can say I didn't waste it this year. I did what I wanted....took little road trips and visited friends. I'm actually looking forward to school (3 weeks) just for the fact everyone will be together again...no co-ops or study abroad junk. That and.....25 days till Penn State football!!! Are you ready for this???? I SURE AM!!
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