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So what to do till Friday??!?!

Today is August 10th....that means 6 more days until I get away from living alone with basically no one around. I really miss having my roommate around;_; She's the coolest roomie in the whole wide world....always keeps things interesting. Alas, two more weeks....and then the insanity begins again;-) Anyway, today was not much of anything. I walked around downtown (found out one of my books is $105....oh joy!) to enjoy the weather and other than that just hung out. I've been a downloading/mp3 ripping machine! All legal of course;-) Much thanks to vagabondknight for suggestions. I also now have 5 cds of Billy Joel ripped into mp3s (actually wma files bt same difference). Another thing that happened is my desk lamp broke...at first the lightbulb went out and then when I tried to put another one in...one of the pieces decided it would be fun to break off. I'll have to bring my replacement one from home I suppose.

So here's a good one for you to chuckle at: Flying sturgeon lands FL angler in hospital...heh. See this is when fish fight back...I mean can you really blame 'em. People are usually fishing to at them. So....what is the natural inclination? ATTACK! ATTACK! And damn it must be with some force to break ribs and put people into the hospital. Bottom line: Don't go there:-D

So what do I have to do before I leave to go home for a week? I need to buy a birthday present for Tim (ha he's two days older than me....see I'm not the old fart! ;-) hehe j/k). I also need to finish up some work on the web site and install computers in the new lab in walker.

Home should be fun...Sunday (the 18th...anyone know what that is;-)) I'll be off to the Phillies game....though I'm sure my dad will do something to embarrass me. It's a dad thing. Then Tim was talking about going to Atlantic City one day....basically a very watered down Las Vegas. But hey I can gamble so it could be fun:-D Wed the 21st it's off to NYC....for a Broadway show...specifically Mamma Mia!...the show based off Abba's songs. Should be a fun filled week and then I'll be back up here....

By the way, it's looking like Sunday the 25th will be the day for my birthday dinner. I'm open to suggestions on where to go...it will be fun to see everyone again:-D Hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer vacation....can you believe just 17 measly days to go? ;_;

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