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Another weekend in the books...

Well this weekend turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would be. Last night Nick showed up at my door with his g/f Sarah. Since she lives out by Pittsburgh he picked her up here to go to the shore (sorta the midway point). So he had to drive her back here to drive home. They ended up staying the night so we hung out and such. He called Dan (one of his friends from Karate). Nick ended up playing GTA 3. I made the mistake of showing him the cheat to get a tank. heh. So his mission for this game was to try and get his warning level up so that the National Guard would get called in....haha! I'm not sure why but it seems boys like to blow sh** up in games;-) We had some Skyy Blue and Woodchucks along with Nick's Jose tequila. That stuff was nasty.....I suppose it will be nice when it's -56464653 out and you need something to warm up! Anyway, we ended up putting Southpark the movie on....and you know what movies are like for me after a little to drink and late at night.....zzzzzzzzz. I was not happy with the fact that my movie was messed up....I had lent it out to one of Maggie's friends and now the tracking is all screwy and stuff:-( Oh well at least it wasn't expensive...probably free. I ended up going to bed around 2:15....latest I've been up in quite a while.

This morning was going great. I woke up around 11...showered....took the recyclables out. Everything was great but the recyclables part. I thought I had took my key with me. Well there was something in my pocket...but not the stupid moronic key for my apartment. It was my school id which would be great to get into a dorm but not my apartment! I ran down to the apartment store hoping it'd be open but naturally not open. I went over to Nick's and waited for them to get ready...we were going out to breakfest at the Waffle Shop. Met up with Dan at the waffle shop....and thankfully Nick was nice enough to cover me at that point until I got my money that was in my apartment(thanks Nick!). After breakfest I tried the apartment store again and there was some guy waiting for someone to get his key for him. So I thought....aha I'm in luck. The apartment store guy came and I asked if I could have a spare key to get into my apartment. Naturally, all of our spares were gone! I don't know where they all went....I used one....I'm thinking Maggie with her losing them and such has wasted them up (Amy be careful!!! No spares!!!). However, he told me to try the building manager to see if he was in because he has the master key. Otherwise I would have to deal with maintence which meant a hefty fee for coming out to let me in my damn apartment!!! Thankfully the building manager was in and he had the master key to let me in. YAY! My hero for the day:-D Went back to meet up with everyone. We ended up heading to Dan's mom's place to help her move stuff.....they're moving out. After they dropped me back here where I took a nap. I was beat.....and naturally the phone rings in the middle of my nap. It was my mom so I tried to sound half coherent but it's very difficult right away. She ended up worrying that there was something wrong...*sigh*.

So here I sit after some Hunan Chicken from Hunan Wok...yay:-D An overall satisfying weekend with a little blip on the radar...:-P Just 5 more days of work....4 days of living alone....:-D

This quiz is to show the band geek still left in me...and would you expect any other instrument from me (I played the trumpet in hs):

The Band Quiz By Rahel

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