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2 weeks from today....day one of class in the books. Is that scary or what? I'll be a senior and it will be the beginning of the last hurrah of college ::tear::. Anyway, I have been informed of how many days of class I will have this semester....can we have a drum roll please? ::DRUM ROLL:: 30 days of class! I kid you not! How awesome kick ass is that:-D Ok, all jealous people may come back now:P I had to deal with shit schedules the past few semesters so it is about damn time I get a good one...8am with spink...that's torture enough!!! Ian has the same schedule as me so we decided after class on tues/thurs it will be time for football on the xbox....all that stress of class getting in the way of fun. What do they think this is? A university of higher learning????

Work is winding down for the summer. 3 more days. I am working like a slave to get this web page up internally....oye I do miss my coworker! The way I see it is, getting through the next 3 days means 7 days of LOTS of FUN!! Then I'm back here and everyone else is here. Give it up for actually being able to enjoy the first few weeks...

Last night it rained...really hard. I could not see the other side of Beaver Avenue. THat was kind of scary. At least this time I wasn't driving on the turnpike like the last time it rained like that....words of wisdom:driving in zero visibility is not fun. not fun at all.

So things I'll be doing in the next 2 weeks...
3 days of work...
Phillies game
Atlantic City
New York City
Back here
Faccia Luna
Fantasy League draft....which reminds me...I need 6 more people for the league!! Anyone interested???

Don't fry out there. It's hot out!

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