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Realtors at State College rant...

Man do the realtors suck up here. It's more of a screw the students over service than anything else. Amy already dealt with it earlier and now Nick has felt the wrath of morons. So here's what happened:

He is moving down the hall from his previous apartment. So the morons told him to be on alert this week to pick up a key. I told him that if they needed me to get the key that it was no problem (12 hours to switch apartments). So today I was going to the fair with Michelle. Before I left I checked with Nick if the morons called and he said no. I told him to call them to make sure so I didn't leave and they weren't stuck. He said they gave him a half ass answer:

"they said they still had people out so it could be ready at any time, but that they would call to give us enough time to pick up the key" Keep in mind this at 4PM...and the morons close at 6. I double checked it was ok for me to leave with michelle and nick said to go... So lets pick up to tonight. I get back and Nick calls my cell around 9. Says that the morons called his roommate at 10 of 6. Apparently they had 10 mins to pick up the key today or they could come in tomorrow morning at 8:30 to get the key and move their stuff. If they did not do so, they would move the stuff for them to the tune of 50 bucks an hour! The most ridiculous part is they claimed that they had been calling all day which is probably bs especially since Nick called at 4! His roommate had even said to call his cell phone to reach him if he's not at home. Guess they didn't. So Nick is on his way up now and is going to move his stuff tomorrow morning. I told him I'd give him a hand if he needed any help. Unreal.

In addition, the laundry room still has no window (can't count the number of times amy and I have complained about that!). Now the light is out in the laundry room too. *shrugs*

I do not like the fact that they hold such a monopoly here. It almost seems like they think it gives them the right to screw people over. Yet another reason I am happy that this will be my last year dealing with State College apartments. Although I have come to the conclusion no matter what you get screwed anywhere you go...people will take advantage of you. It's sad but true...it seems to be the way our wonderful country works. Oh well. I'm done for now.,...i'll write about my adventures at the hick fair later:-D

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