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Hick fair, end of summer and more!

As promised, I will give some feedback and commentary on my adventures at the Huntingdon County Fair. Around 4 I was picked up by Michelle in her 96 Olds...err Ghost Rider!!! The ride there was what I expected...a lot of open space and not many towns. It took about 50mins to get there. As we pulled in it reminded me of the small fair we had in Southampton for a while except for the many animals. Michelle made sure that we passed through every location that had animals. She pointed out where the food comes from and lots of random factoids that I would never know on my own. I got to see a newly born baby calf as well...I was kind of concerned I may catch the live birth. Fortunately it was born on Monday:) I got to meet her dad as well as some of the crazy wacky Central Pennsylvanians she knows. It was interesting to finally get to meet the people she talks so much about. I think she was worried that I would not fit in or have problems. I enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. It was a reminder that there is still the old time feel out in the country:) We were offered a pasta dinner from some of the people she knows. That was very nice. Pasta, garlic bread and salad. While sitting there one of Michelle's dad's friends was picking on her...sort of like a 2nd dad I suppose type picking on:P Fortunately I am very used to it from home. Within 5 minutes the dad humor and picking on is going:P So it was a very good time had by all. After we got back, we went to the Creamery and then walked down to the HUB so I could check out the "water feature." It boggles my mind that they spent money for this. Granted it looks nice but it looks silly in front of Osmond. I do like the additional outdoors seating though. Now I can eat outside the 3 days a year it's nice at State College:)

So now I am home after a busy day at work. Last night I didn't sleep well either. Woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to bed until after 5:30 sometime. Yucky.

Anyways I should give some birthday shoutouts before closing up this entry.
Happy Birthday Tim (16th)...see you stop counting after 21...:)
Happy Birthday Dave S.! (17th) Cheer up it is your birthday:)
Happy Birthday, Lynda! (19th)--yep 20 is as bad as it seems...the in betweener year:P

Anyone know a birthday on the 18th? Anyone? ;)

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