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NYC City....the fun city!

Yesterday I got to visit "the city that never sleeps",...."the big apple"....yep you know all the cliches...aka New York City. I have not been there since freshman year when we went to the psu basketball game. Around 9am we left on a train from NJ to NYC. As we were taking the train up and approaching NYC, it was odd to see the skyline with no twin towers. I kept looking for familiarity and all I could see in the faint distance was the Empire State Building. That made me more angry than anything else. Anyway, that's another rant, for another day. We took the train into Penn Station which is right by Madison Square Garden. When we got off the train, my mom stopped at the bathroom and instantly recognized someone she knew. WTH? 8 million people and she runs into someone she knows in the bathroom of Penn Station. Crazy. Plus she was going to see the same exact show as us! Anyway, we started our walk-a-thon by walking to Times Square which is about 20 blocks from the train station. It was no problem then because of how excited I was to be in the city. It is just such a fun city...and a lot of fun to just look at everything. What gets me is how monsterous everything is! NYC doesn't know big...they know bigger, bigger, biggest! We went into Macy's (yeah you know the one that they finish parades by). Holy freakin shiznits....it was bigger than the Nittany Mall times 3 I think (not that it really is an achievement but seriously it was really really big)....ridiculous! i got a new purse since mine was starting to tear away. After Macy's we walked through Times Square on the way to Carnaby's Deli...which apparently is a very famous deli in NYC. Guess how they serve their sandwiches? BIG, BIGGER, and BIGGEST! I could only eat half a sandwich (shared with my mom). Really yummy just reallllllllllly huge. They had pictures of all the famous people that have to come to eat there...you name a famous person and they've probably eaten there! Sorry no famous people that I ran into:(

After lunch we had about an hour till the show which was at Wintergarden Theatre:) We went into Times Square again...and I showed my parents the Virgin Records superstore...it was ridiculous how big that was (guess I don't need to get into that again;-)). We got to the theatre right as doors open. Our seats were 7th row center...no clue how my mom managed that but hey...I am definitely not going to complain about that. For those that have no clue, I saw Mamma Mia! which is a show based off of Abba's music (you know..."dancing queen" "knowing me, knowing you"). The show is labeled "the most fun on broadway!". They are definitely right about that. It is not serious at all and you laugh throughout the whole thing:) I absolutely loved it!!! The music is really fun too. Just trust me and go see it....it's in other cities as well:) The show let out around 4:30....the reservations for dinner weren't until 5. We walked around town some more before going to the resturant. We went to Patsys for dinner which serves Italian food. They even make their own pasta! So of course I went with pasta and marinara sauce...soooooooo good!!!!!!!! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. They also sell the sauce in the supermarkets!! I got a white wine with dinner and get this...NOT CARDED!!! Yes I was with my parents but I always got carded before. Guess that 22 thing makes a difference;) Had some tiramisu for dessert before starting the walk back to the train station. When all was said and done I had walked over 10 1/2 miles over the course of the day...in sandals. I definitely don't recommend that in NYC. I was soo sore today because of that. When we got back around 9...I was so tired that my eyes hurt and I had a terrible headache. I was asleep by 9:30...I don't remember the last time that happened...oh yeah...THON:P So in summary I like the big apple...just not the sports teams!

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