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Ahh I'm back!

The summer of Elyssa is drawing to a close...look for part two next year:-) It's been a while since an update. So here ya go:P

I drove back to State College Sat morning....naturally it had to be the first day it has rained in august....let alone rain all summer. So driving sucked. There were periods of zero visibility which thankfully was a lot less than the time in June. Anyway, after I got up here, I spent Saturday getting little errands done including going to the bookstore and state store with Justin(I'm a college student...sooo;-)). It was nice to not have to deal with moving in again....but mostly nice to be able to enjoy being back at school without working to death. I really do not miss it one bit and that's all I have to say about that:P Saturday night after Amy came home from work she invited some of her friends over. Nick, Sarah and Justin also stopped by. I met sexy bob...that was interesting to say the least....I think Justin was rather disturbed with some of what he had to say. It was kind of funny....more like you had to be there type of thing I suppose. I wasn't very social Sat night since I was so exhausted from the drive. By 1PM I couldn't even keep my head up and everyone basically yelled at me to GO TO BED!

Sunday morning I woke up around 9:30 since I have the internal clock that tells me NO MORE SLEEPING PAST 8 hours of sleep. Man that must be a sign of getting old! We went to dinner at Faccia Luna at 5:30...walked right in and sat down so that was nice. Good to know a sleeper kind of place. Amy got me a flying pig for my birthday:-D THANKS SO MUCH AMY!! It's the coolest gift!!!! She also got me a dream dictionary....though I didn't see anything about domokuns in there:-( Anyway, 9 people in all....Me, Amy, Steve (and Christina his g/f), Nick, Sarah, Stouty, Justin, and Nicole were in attendance. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and seeing eachother...no fist fights:-D Though one can't be sure about later...heh j/k.

Around 10, we headed to Justin's....for a "get together". I brought the rest of the ingredients needed for a Long Island Iced Tea (aka a sure fire way to get Lis drunk with one drink). Justin has a really nice place now....one person apartment but nice and big and comfy:-) Thanks again for having us:) So Justin made me my Long Island Tea and that was my only liquor drink for the night. Michelle came as well since she got back from home (don't worry about not making dinner.,...I understand:)). She got me a picture album for all our senior year memories...:) Of course the first comments of the year came out...though I dont' remember most of them:P Overall a good time had by all I'd say...if you'd like to see pictures you'll have to ask since they're listed under private for my webshots albums:) Got home around 2 and passed out:)

Today was a relaxing day....IST picnic and generally just hanging around. Also, had the Fantasy Football draft...I'm all set to kick some ass! So tomorrow brings the first day of fall semester....boooooooooooooo! I want summer....but alas I had a very good one....and now I have standards to make next summer even better.

Update: Justin will be having a par-tay sometime soon...I was told to let everyone know;-) And no it was just a get together on Sunday....not a party...sorry dude;-) Thanks for having us again:-D

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