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Back to life...back to reality

Well...summer is official over ::tear::. Around 7:45AM I left the friendly confines of my apartment to head to the first class of Fall 2002. Nick had a class in Osmond so we took the dreadful walk up to class. Naturally the song playing over the loud speaker by the bookstore was "nanana hey hey goodbye". Geez did I need any more salt on the wounds that summer was over and stupid school work was returning? APPARENTLY! Anyway I got to English 5 mins before it started so I got stuck front row center....ugh. I had to be alert even though I really am not a fan of English at all (LAST ENGLISH CLASS EVER!!!!!!!!!). The good news was that I had an English speaking teacher (amazingly....although it would have been funny to have someone that had English as a 2nd language teaching English....ahh the oxymorons!). Got out of that class 15 minutes early so I had plenty of time to pick up the newest book to add to my lovely collection for the semester...only 18 bucks thankfully. I ran into Greg while in the bookstore so that was cool...he informed me that NSA will offer him a full time position...congrats to him:-D

Finally around 10 I headed up to my favorite building (NOT!), the Forum. I hate that building so much it's not even funny. It's evil....pure evil I tell you! Anyway, had Poly Sci up there...basically my breeze course. Sitting in that class really made me feel like a senior. All the freshmen were looking around in awe at how many people were in one class. They also couldn't believe the little flip desk things....they said it was too small to take tests or notes on;-) I sat next to 3 frosh and here's a sampling of conversation.

"Do I need to be on time to class everyday and do they take attendance (a class of 500)?"
"Is this class really hard?"
"Do I need to read the book?"
"Let's take eachothers phone numbers down in case we don't all make it to class." (haha already!)
"Damn, I need my computer. Stupid Dell. They have to send me another computer that works. How am I going to get it to my room?
Friend: Have a Rescom guy do that.
So you mean I have to tell him to bring the computer up and the other one back down? How am I going to get the old one shipped back?
Friend: Put it in the new boxes.
Good idea. It better come today. I need my IM."

I didn't like the vibes the Poly Sci prof gave off. He seemed a bit snotty but we shall see. Can't complain too much since he cancelled lecture on Thursday:-D After this, it was time for Roman Civilization. I think I will really like this class. Anyway, it turned out to be an IST class even though I don't have IST. There were at least 6 IST people I knew in that class....and to think I had a semester off..:sigh:. Nothing to report from this other than I had to pay 57 dollars for a stupid packet! I think Sexy Bob was right when he said there is an underground committee ripping off the students>_<

Finally it was time for lunch at the HUB. Damn was that a mistake. I was there by myself and there was absolutely no where to sit. And anytime there was a single seat I got mean vicious looks from the people sitting around there. WTF? Do I give off that bad of vibes? I finally found a seat and enjoyed my Spicy Chicken with Peanuts from Panda Express. No Toxic Orange Chicken for me today considering I still had more class to go! Sexy Bob had to work at Sbarro at 12:30 so he saw me as I was getting ready to eat. He dyed his hair blue./...not that it's that shocking anymore. Heck, I lived with a roommate frosh yr that dyed her hair FUSCIA....now that was ridiculous! After lunch, I ran down to Gnomon Copy to pick up the 3 dollar English packet of crap (have I mention I despise English classes???). Next I still had time to spare before my 8 person HRIM class so I tried to check in Walker about my work schedule and naturally no one was around. I'm just showing up tomorrow:-D

HRIM 470 seems like it will be a cool class. With 8 people I know that I will definitely get a lot out of this class for the sake of you can't doze off...not with the prof sitting right at the same table! It's cool though because ther eis a wireless network in there. The teacher is the wife of Dr. Lambert in IST....so she said she knows what goes on over there. I'm kind of wondering if this is a good or bad thing... The class doesn't seem like it will be horrible...471 will probably be worse...my worst nemesis may be showing its ugly head...CODING! Anyway, that class went fast and finally I got to go home. 4 classes is exhausting but alas tomorrow I am going to the gym,. work, and fixing Carrie's computer. She is serving me dinner for my efforts:-D Saw my roommate for all of 5 mins today....probably more than I thought originally. Reminds me of hell Mondays with Maggie,...oh thank goodness no more of those. That really sucked! Overall looks to be a good semester. Didn't notice any cute guys...not that it matters since they wouldn't be interested in me. It's still fun to look:-D

So yeah...there you go.....day #1.

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