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And the clock ticks towards midnight....

I probably hold many views that most people hold when it comes to the baseball players and owners. But it infuriates me SO MUCH! First off, if no deal is reached by midnight tonight there will be a baseball strike. And if they do go on strike, whether it be a day, week or month, you will be hard pressed to see me pay for anything MLB related. I've had it with the whiny babies on both sides. Was 94 not enough (or the other 7 work stoppages from 1972 on)??? I have a hard time believing they can't share 3.5 billion dollars or whatever it is....let alone a cool 2.2 mill per player. Damn, can I have a job that pays me 2.2 mill for sitting on a bench 6 months a year? I would even take 100 grand! It's just really sad how out of control it has gotten. What other job can you strike because you don't think your benefits are fair?!? Hell, if you get suspended from a job, I've never heard of getting paid for it! And guess who gets paid if they are suspended by baseball....yep.

The game is corrupt in so many ways now that it's not even funny. All it takes is going to one minor league game or even little league game to see the difference. The pure excitement that these "lower" level (not really lower in terms of attitude) players have is something you just don't see the in the big leagues. It's more important to get that extra million than sign the extra autograph or put the extra hustle in to make it to the next base. And now we've reached the days where athletes don't care what image they give off anymore. I'm not asking for a role model...just please preserve the game that I've grown up with. If you don't know what to do with a billion dollars, give it back to the people that make the game go...like the stadium workers that work long hours and get no respect....the fans that have to spend a small fortune now to even see a game. Ok, so pigs will fly before that happens (well there's one flying in my apartment but that doesn't count:P).

All I have to say about this....is if baseball strikes...nanana hey hey goodbye will start playing. Bring on football season...Saturday 12:10 @ Beaver Stadium it all begins again:-D Then the following weekend it's pro football time. Bring it on!!! I'm ready for some football!!!!

Tick tock....1:34PM and counting....

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